Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Okay, here is the not so skinny on my current situation: I've gained 7 pounds in the past 3 weeks. Yep, and here are the people I blame (in no particular order):
  1. My kids - when someone is crying, chocolate drowns out their noise.
  2. My MOPS group - decided that we should have a cookie exchange. What is that really about? I made 6 dozen cookies (which had to be sampled for quality control) and then took them to a party where I traded them for 6 different dozen cookies that all needed to be tasted for quality control.
  3. My mom - if we are together, the first thing that we discuss is what we are going to eat. We have been together lots over the holidays.
  4. My friends - need to tell me the truth a little more often.
  5. And Joseph...because its easy to blame him for everything.
  6. Okay, FINE, I guess I blame myself a little. Just a little. It's way more fun to blame everyone else!

So, I made a New Year's goal. Not resolution, but goal. I don't usually make resolutions, because I fear failure, but this year I'm going to set some serious goals. Goals towards things that I want to accomplish in life. So are you ready for this years goals? Here goes...guess what it is...?

To see how much I can gain in a year! Kidding.

By the end of the year, I want to be working out (minimally) 5 days a week. That is my little-at-the-very-least-I-can-do/I-will-follow-through-with-something goal. My super big, giant, can-I-really-do-it goal, is (drum roll) to run a half marathon in November. Very lofty. Possibly too lofty. But I really want to do it! So I'm gonna try. Thanks for loving me regardless! And as with everything, I will keep you posted on my...efforts.


Sarah said...

I KNOW that you can run that half marathon in November. I have no doubts. Absolutely none. You shouldn't either.
We love the christmas card and you!
happy new year sabrina:)

The Z's said...

Can I sign up to run with you?? Especially if we are anywhere close in locale...I would love to do this, and I think you and I would be about the same pace...my boobs may be about the same size at that time anyways! (ok, that last part is unrealistic)