Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why do they share the wrong things?

The brothers have passed on their flu. The girls started fever-ing last night and were burning up this morning when they awoke. I knew that they had the flu, but something else just didn't seem right. Thankfully I listened to that "mother's intuition" because my sweet little dolls are very sick.

I was able to get them appointments and arrange for our neighbors to watch the boys while I was at the hospital with the girls. Joseph was in the OR, so I couldn't get a hold of him, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway because he wouldn't have been able to leave to help me.

Taking both girls in was exhausting and took 3 hours. They cried and cried and all they wanted was for me to hold them. This is the part where having twins gets so hard. I feel so guilty holding one and not the other. I try my best to comfort both of them, but have to take turns holding them. The girls hated having anyone other than me look at them and screamed when anyone touched them. They didn't love being poked, prodded, having things shot up their noses or being held down for chest x-rays! And I don't blame them.

Their results were so sad...Ella has influenza A and Lily has pneumonia! She probably has influenza A as well, but they couldn't get a good swab of snot. I feel so bad for my little sweet peas! They are so sick and miserable!

I did thank God for our free health care and for medicine. What a blessing to know that we can go to the doctors and get medicine, so that my babies will get better.

Please say prayers for my little girls!


Anonymous said...

Oh my friend. We are praying for all of you.

Sincerely Anna said...

Just prayed for you. This has been such a long haul for you as a mom. Hope it doesn't last much longer and I pray that the girls are over the yucky stuff soon.

Cloughamily said...

I just prayed for your family and will continue to do so. You're doing such a wonderful job with your four little blessings. God bless you!