Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh my, rambling randomness

Well, I have lots to blog about and nothing to blog about. I apologize in advance. My mind is a jumbled mess from working on my Daniel study. Whew, this was a tough week! My head hurts. On to more interesting things...

On the potty training front, today was a big day. I guess big is all relative, but this was big for the youngest Mad boy. Today was his first day back at school from Christmas break and he managed to stay dry and "he went to the potty lots of times" (according to his teachers and there was an emphasis on "lots"!). We were a little worried that once he started school again he would digress and knew that if he didn't we have jumped a huge hurdle! Yay for Luke!

I have been very tired lately. I think there are multiple reasons for this. 1. I started working out again. and 2. I have a bazillion projects going on at the same time. Good news is that I have stuck to my N.Y. resolution and have worked out 6 of the last 7 days. Bad news is that it has only been a week. I always do well the first week, even the second and then it goes down hill from there. But let's stay positive. I ran 9 miles this past week. Okay maybe that is a tiny exaggeration. I should say I did 9 miles on my treadmill and ran maybe 5 of them. Not too bad. Except for the fact that it takes me longer than it should. WAY longer. As I was lamenting this situation to my amazing hubby he says, "I know how you feel. (this was the point that I started my eye roll) When I was in high school I could run a 5K in 17 minutes. Now it takes me 22 minutes." No, Lovey, you have no idea how I feel! When I'm not on the treadmill, I have been going to the gym for a weights class. One word for this class...painful. My friend Stacy (hi Stacy!) went with me on Saturday and that was fun to have someone I know with me. Now, if I could get her to come with me every time!..

Now, on to my projects. I have been the baby food making psycho queen. Documented below is what I made for my two sweet babies:

It ended up being the equivalent of around 150 jars. Maybe more, maybe less, but at some point one must quit counting or else the fatigue really sets in. It wasn't that bad. It would have been better if I had a large food processor. I borrowed a small one from my friend, but decided that since I will be doing this again (this is where the psycho part kicks in) I need the correct tools. In any case, this is saving us a good chunk of change and it was kinda fun. I got to make some fun foods (avocado!) that I wouldn't normally be able to get in jars for the girls. And I got to mix things and create my own version of "mixed veggies". I found lots of great websites, but my favorite was this one! Awesome!

I also have started making bows for the girl's hair. I was determined to learn how to make them. Determined. I found quite a few websites with directions on tying different bows. Unfortunately, I don't read directions. But of course my perfect hubby does! So, he read the directions on how to make bows, made them and then taught me. Teamwork! Check out my handiwork:

I love the above picture because they are both holding their feet...opposite feet!

Can you tell who is who in their homemade bows??


Miriam said...

You are ambitious!!! Way to go on the food...have yet to try avocados - husband was thinking they were too costly for baby food - I'm betting the girls would love them. Let me know what your girls think of their new food! Cute bows too!

Sincerely Anna said...

Very cute. I'm dying here in our wait. I should really take a break from all the cuteness of the twins because it's making me weak in the knees. Hee hee! Love the bows and I bookmarked the website you liked for the homemade baby food.

P.S. How are your pre-made dinners going? I was thinking of giving it a try. What are your family's favorites?