Friday, January 18, 2008

CinderLILY and CinderELLA

are 8 months old today!!! And I cried. And you know why. Because I say it every month. It's going by way too fast!! They are the cutest little girlie's. So dainty and petite. And we are madly in love with them. Truly in love!

Look at them! Aren't they adorable?! As usual here is the monthly update on what is going on in their little lives.

  • They are still sleeping in the same crib. This will probably be the last month that I will be able to report that. We put them on opposite sides of the crib and they often times find their way to one another. I love that when I put them down for their naps, they look at each other and giggle. So cute!
  • They started sitting up - FINALLY! It didn't take long once we actually sat on the floor and worked with them.
  • They are eating all sorts of foods, but their eyes light up when they see Cheerios! Lily is much more dainty about the way that she eats Cheerios, but Ella will grab handfuls and usually ends up coughing because she has stuffed too many in at one time.
  • Neither girlie is showing any interest in crawling.
  • I can tell their cries, talk and babble apart.
  • They boys still can't tell who is who.
  • I don't think that they are identical. Joseph is still on the fence and changes his mind daily, but I am convinced that they aren't identical.
  • They are still holding on to their late catnap. It drives me crazy, but they still love to take a little nap from 4:30p-5:30p. They also take 2 two and a half hour naps in addition to this catnap. Oh, and go to bed at 7pm. That just seems like too much sleep...
  • I am still nursing them and I love to watch them interact while nursing. They hold hands, try to take the other one's bow out of her hair, and watch one another. Occasionally they will just grab at the others face or hair. They seem to have a need to touch each other.
  • They are starting to want the toy that the other has. I've had to break up a few little tiffs.
  • They will watch the boys with total fascination. Lily seems to really like Caleb and will smile and laugh at him. She has that boy wrapped around her finger! The boys both like to feed the girls cheerios - and take a few for themselves. When ever on the twins smiles at him Luke gets all excited and says, "that baby smiled at me!"
  • We are all smitten and completely in love with the girls.

Here is a sweet picture of them sitting up...


Sincerely Anna said...

I'm smitten to and want to reach right through the computer and pick 'em and cuddle with them. Is that weird? I think I'm just in that stage right now :)

I'm glad you addressed the identical twin thing, because I thought I missed something there and I didn't want to ask a stupid question. I vote yes, if that counts for anything whatsoever. Of course, seeing them in person would probably make my opinion more credible. I hope to someday!!

The Mad House said...

Anna -
I can't wait until your sweet little girl makes her arrival. And I hope that you will be able to see my girls when we come to your neck of the woods this spring!