Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Bucket List

Lovey and I went on a date last weekend for my birthday. I really wanted to go to the movies and see The Bucket List. So we went to dinner and then to the movies and I thought The Bucket List was good. There was a little language but that was to be expect, afterall Jack Nicholson was in it! Outside of that I thought it was a cute movie.

It got me thinking about my own bucket list. I know, I just turned 31 and (God willing!) I won't be needing a "before-I-kick-the-bucket-list" anytime soon, but I decided to make a list of things that I would like to accomplish before I turn 32. So here goes...
  1. Learn to do something new.
  2. Find a ministry (outside of my family) to get involved with.
  3. And of course, there is the running thing. I at least want to run a 5K.

Yep, so that's my own list of thing that I want to accomplish. Kinda like a New Years resolution but I already made those.

And how are things going?...

Thanks for asking! I am doing really good - working out 6 times a week & running 3 miles every other day. Are you impressed with me? Because I am impressed with myself.

Well, I am now having knee pain. At first, it was only when I started running. Now it hurts when the Ibuprofen wears off! I'm taking Ibuprofen around the clock, along with icing my knee. VERY discouraging! I asked the many doctors that I have access to and it seems that I just need to continue the Ibuprofen and ice, and lay off running, lunges and squats. Those are all the things that bother my knee.

Normally, this is the point that I get so discouraged I quit. But, I don't want to be that person anymore. The one that quits when in the face of adversity. So, I am going to keep on, keepin' on. I will have to be patient and creative with this working out thing... Two things I'm not!

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Sincerely Anna said...

I am mightily impressed that you are working out 6 days a week. But don't take those sore joints for granted - the kneed you to take it easy, girlfriend. Ha ha ha!