Tuesday, January 22, 2008

**********BREAKING NEWS**********

We officially have another fully potty trained child!!! (Well, he will still have to wear a pull-up at bedtime, but that is pretty much "fully" in my book!)

That was Luke's gift to me for my birthday. And boy, was it a good gift! For 3 days now, he has stayed both dry and clean AND used the potty to do his business. Can I please get some cyber high fives from you mommies out there?!?!

The best part about all this is that there was no drama. He was ready and did it without anyone losing their minds. So here is what I have learned about potty training after 2 kids:
  1. You cannot force it.

  2. They have complete control

  3. Joseph is the potty wizard. He is the Yoda of potty training. And his job is not yet done...there are still the girls!

As an end note, I have to tell you that I was actually a wee little bit sad that Luke is officially potty trained. One more sign that he is on his way to leaving my nest. So I tell Joseph, "I'm a little sad that Luke is potty trained." He looks at me like I threw up all over myself and was eating it (sorry if you got a visual!) and said, "You are all alone with that feeling!"

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