Friday, October 31, 2008

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch and this year was no exception!! We went with some of our favorite people to a pumpkin patch that is about an hour away. They have a hay maze, pumpkin painting, fun sing-a-long, tractor rides, petting zoo, pony rides and more! The day that we went, it was a brisk morning and absolutely beautiful! We had an awesome time!
Here's some documentation of our fun:

Daddy holding his Beauties at the sing-a-long!
Aren't the sisters cute?! I made the girls (and boys!) shirts and got the idea from Family Fun. They came out pretty cute if I do say so myself!
The kids all waiting, with instruments, for the sing-a-long to start.
Lily Kate is cracking me up with this little snarly face. She was making it all day long and I captured it in almost every picture!
Scarecrow Caleb
All our friends (minus Miss Lees). In this photo there are 2 Caleb's and 2 Luke's!! To think that when we picked out our boys names, we knew NO ONE with the same name!
Our family photo!!! People, this is as good as it gets...

Mama and her Pumpkins! The boys painting their pumpkins.

This shot of the Twinkies cracks me up! Ella slept most of the hour that it took to get to the pumpkin patch. Lily Kate sang for a good 30 min and slept for maybe 5 minutes. So she was very tired after we had out picnic lunch. I laid her in the wagon and she stayed there the rest of the time and didn't move. I thought the wagon was big until Ella wanted to lay down too. They're a little cozy, but luckily don't mind that at all. (I promise, Lily Kate is squinting from the sun not because her sister's feet are in her face!)
Ella wanting to get IN the petting zoo!
Caleb's baby chick!

And this is what the girl's did on the way home!! This is the best picture I could get because I had to take the picture while driving because Joseph was asleep next to me. My man took one for the team - he worked all night the night before and came straight from the hospital, so that we could go to the patch with our friends. By the time we drove home his lack of sleep had caught up with him!

It was truly a great day!

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Jessi said...

How fun! There is no doubt that you LOVE Halloween...the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, matching pumpkin t-shirts, and costumes (the Ewok costumes look great, BTW).

Sadly, we didn't make it to a patch this year...too far of a drive. And the corn maze isn't ready yet due to all of the rain we had (the corn was planted late). I did manage to carve a small pumpkin this afternoon and tell Josiah the parable about a "farmer" and a "pumpkin".

Hope the kids scored in the candy dept. tonight. ;-) I bet the girlies got lots of "awwww"s, too.