Friday, October 24, 2008

WW Friday

Good News this week!

I am 1.2 pounds lighter!!

And while I am excited, I am also frustrated with the s-l-o-w progress. I'm running 15 miles a week, lifting 3 days a week and tagging 30 min of cardio on the end of my lift days.

With that said, I must confess that I also splurge on the weekends and eat whatever I want. Hmmm. Yeah, I should be thankful that there is weight loss instead of whining that it's not enough!

I have noticed significant changes in my body. The Love has as well. Oh, has he noticed.

All in all, a loss is a loss and I'll take it!


Jessi said...

Awesome! I know exactly what you mean about slow progress...but, like you said, a loss is a loss. :-) You are definitely working your *little* tail off during the week, but what a treat to be able to eat what you want during the weekend without thinking "now how far do I have to run to burn *this* off?"

PS. I have to admit that hearing about your PBJ breakfasts made me wince. ;-) Good way to get in protein, though.

Lorinda Symens said...

Hey congrats.. you're working hard & while the weight payoff seems slow and minute.. enjoy the "look" of change - muscle weighs more when toning. I've been walking consistently with a friend for about 5 weeks before the crack of dawn and eating "less" and lean cuisine at the office vs. vending machine.. amazing 10 lbs disappeared. I'll take my drop in the big bucket and keep striving!