Sunday, October 05, 2008

Soccer season is here!!

Yep, it sure is! The boys look forward to soccer season all year long. And they are excited it is here! Both boys are playing and they have practice on different days of the week, but games on the same day. Here are some pictures of their first game day:

This is Luke's favorite pose...1 leg on the ball.

His coach is the guy in white and is really good with the kids.

Luke was impressive! Last year was his first year playing and it was...interesting. I wasn't sure if he would ever understand that we signed him up for soccer not rugby! This year he looks like a pro out there. He scored 2 of the teams 3 points!!

And then he needed a break for some Micky D's hash browns. Poor kid didn't get breakfast! Hey, it was all I could do to get 4 kids (plus I was also watching the neighbor's kid too) out the door and to the soccer fields by 8 am sans Lovey. He was working the night shift and was able to at least meet us there to see some of the game!

Luke in action!

This picture cracks me up! Luke's team is the Tigers, so after the game they put their hands together and yelled, "Go Tigers!" The rest of the day he kept telling people that, "He was on the orange team and his teams name was 'Go Tigers'!" Adorable!

Luke is super excited this year because one of his best buddies, Drew, is on his team! How fun is that?! Drew's mommy and I are really good friends too, so that is fun for me too! Before each game they do a good sportsmanship pledge with the players and their parents. Here are Caleb and Daddy.
An action shot of Caleb. This is the year that they start to teach the kids positions and have them stay in their positions. I wasn't sure how Caleb would like that, but he loves it. His coach is a yeller. I hadn't met him, but after the first practice Joseph came home and warned me that the coach was nice but he only had 1 volume level and it was LOUD! And boy was he right. It perturbs me, but it doesn't bother Caleb, so I'm trying to overlook it. It's hard.
Here is a picture of the Love and I before we got into our HUGE fight. Part of the problem was that I had a long, exhausting day and had only slept 5 hours the night before. I had no break all day and was completely worn out. Lack of sleep + single parenting + no personal time all day = BAD combination.

Good news is that no matter how bad the argument we are still in love at the end of the day! I heart that man!!!

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Sincerely Anna said...

Great pictures of your soccer dudes, as well as you and Joseph. Lack of sleep always puts me in an argumentative mood, too. We had a fight on Friday night over pizza. Clearly I needed some rest :)