Monday, November 16, 2009

13 Thing I learned from my half marathon experience...

  1. I now know why most runners are glad that they don't have menstrual cycles. Especially ones that start the day before the race. Um, yeah, 'nuff said.
  2. (and if you thought #1 was more information than you wanted to know...) Vaginal yeast infections, very bad ones, that arrive the day before the big race equal NOT fun. Especially when you will be sweating for 2+ hours. More than 'nuff said!
  3. Signs that people make and hold up are very important and motivating. My two favorite from yesterday were, "Pain is temporary, pride lasts a lifetime" and "Philippians 4:13 - Pound the pavement!"
  4. It is very important to maintain speed and concentration during mile 7 and not be distracted by the man dressed in a Malibu Rum Bottle passing you. One should NOT, I repeat NOT, try to catch him. You will pay for it at mile 9.
  5. Diarrhea at mile 5 HAS to be dealt with. Immediately. Even if the line to the bathroom is long, just be thankful that there is toilet paper. WAY more than 'nuff said!!!
  6. Running in 72 degrees with high humidity feels way hotter than it sounds. Way, way, way hotter. Especially when you have been training for long runs in 50 degree weather.
  7. The volunteers handing out water and GU, ROCK! Their smiles and encouragement help keep you going.
  8. Since your time sucks anyway, it is important to stop and say hi to your family when you see them there cheering you on! But when your husband says, "Are you just going to stand here and chat or are you going to finish the race?" - you have to assume bonding time is over. Oh, and be prepared for the girls to scream for you when you leave.
  9. If you have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to drive to a race, you may as well do it with your running buddies. Unless they are morning people. Then you just try to close your eyes and block them out as much as possible. They'll get the hint!
  10. Since your time sucks anyway, you may as well grab that beer that is being handed to you at mile 6. You will regret it if you don't.
  11. When you feel like quitting, glance over at the guy in the wheelchair and SUCK IT UP. What a blessing that you can run.
  12. There will be many, many, many times during the race that you questions your own sanity. The theme, "It seemed like a good idea at the time.." rings so true!!
  13. Crossing that finish line felt amazing, having friends to do it with was even more amazing and knowing that my family was there and proud of me was incredible. Then all the congrats I got from my FB friends was icing on an already yummy cake!

And there you have it my friends! I had high hopes that I could run this puppy in 2 hours based on my long run paces. I really thought I could do it. But due to my (ahem) circumstances alas I wasn't feeling the greatest and had to make a couple of potty stops along the way and that slowed me down. 2009 San Antonio RnR time: 2:16

While I will not let this time define me, I will beat it!!!

I have already begun looking at the location for my next half...anyone want to join me? It is way more fun to run with friends...



Joseph said...

I love you and I am so proud of you! You ROCK!!!

Jessi said...

LOVED your list...all of it is SO true! SO sorry to hear about your, ahem, circumstances....definitely does not make for an easy race (your time was still AWESOME, btw!)

Again, SO proud of you for getting to the finish line! Isn't that just an amazing feeling!?

I'm SO in for joining long as it's next Fall (I give myself 4 fat months after baby and then another 4 months to train)...and I can keep from, ahem, being blessed with child. LOL!

Elizabeth said...

You ROCK! I am so, so, so impressed. And #6 is my favorite. Sometimes a cold beer makes everything better:)

Sincerely Anna said...

Well, it doesn't surprise me in the least that you set out for this worthy goal and finished the race strong. Nor does it surprise me that it would be a good blog post in the making :) We love the drama! Way to go, Sabrina!

Kellie said...

Wow, that was a lot of info - even for you!! But nothing was going to stop you - glad you did it and I don't even know why you're griping about your time! I'm sure "everything" added way more than 16 minutes that you can easily make up next time.
Way to go!

Lauren said...

Your list cracked me up. Thanks for sharing it. And of course, congrats on your big accomplishment!!