Monday, November 23, 2009

Fabulous Weekend in Review

The Love and I went to the Family Life Weekend to Remember last weekend and it was so needed!! We go on dates at least every other weekend and try to connect as much as possible, but we don't spend time talking about our marriage and the direction that it is going in very often. The Weekend to Remember offered us time to really refocus and redirect both our marriage and our parenting. So glad we went and highly recommend it to anyone. There are lots of marriage conferences out there, but Family Life really has an amazing ministry going. Their speakers were wise, funny and authentic. Yep, this was our second time going and I think we may have gotten more out of it than we did the first time. Check them out and be blessed!

While we were on our weekend, my stepmom came and took care of the Darlings. We are so blessed to have family close by to come and love on our kids while we are gone. The kids had fun and Gigi went home worn out!

When we got home yesterday I wanted to go down to The Missions. This is going to be the location for our next family photos that we are having taken next weekend. My goal was to head down there and let the kids have a practice run for next week. Family photos are always stressful, but even more so when there are 4 little kids. The boys can be bribed, so I'm not so worried about them. The girls on the other hand...

I just have to remember, "it is what it is" and these photos are indicative of where we are and I will look back on them in 20 years and think it is adorable that no one is looking, Daddy looks irritated and I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


Anyway, it was a gorgeous afternoon and we all had a great time! Here are a few photos (literally few, since I took 200!!) of our trip:

The brothers and Lily Kate. Ella, as usual, MIA. That girl is on the move. With or without the rest of us. Thankfully we took my sister and she spent most of the time chasing her down.

My little people!!

This is a little better, at least they are all facing the same direction!

Brothers!! I was telling Caleb this morning how lucky he is to have a little brother. He agrees...most of the time!

The kids with Aunt Carami! They have loved having her live with us and are really going to take it hard when she leaves this winter.

Um, all I asked was for them to please line up and smile. THIS is what I got...

Then this. Drama. Until this...

Fruit snacks save the day. I should probably bring a couple of boxes of fruit snacks for next weekend.

I really, really, really, really hope that our family pictures next week go way better!


matt n karisa said...

You're a much more seasoned parent, but in my experience one needs to choose carefully when it comes to picture bribery. Anything that takes too long to chew (for Mattaya, that's fruit snacks...she seriously chews them for, like, 10 minutes) or creates colored drool (like M&Ms) might do more to complicate family pictures than wiggling, running, and crying! ;) I'd say, "I hope it all goes smoothly for you", but maybe, "I hope you get some AWESOME pictures" is more likely to happen. :) I really do hope it turns out to be fun for all of you, though!

Sab Mad said...

I don't think the Twinkies chew fruit snacks, they just inhale them! And I definitely agree with the M&Ms. Add lollypops to that list too. Made that mistake once when I tool Caleb to his first haircut!! (Rookie mom mistake!)

Thanks for the well wishes! I, too, really hope it goes well!!

matt n karisa said...

Thanks for the lollipop warning! Hadn't thought of or experienced that one yet. :)

Elizabeth said...

They look SO grown up! And their outfits are SO cute. I love how color coordinated they are without being all matchy-matchy. They're great pictures of where you all are right now!

Kellie said...

You are getting good with that camera, lady! I need to find some good spots here, seriously.
The pictures remind me of last year's where the twins had a box of raisins in a few of the pics. Is Amy doing them again? I can't wait to see them!