Sunday, November 01, 2009

Someday I will look back on this and laugh...maybe

I don't know what to say about my day yesterday other than to tell you I am traumatized and it may take me years to recover...or months...or weeks...actually, I think I'll be better tomorrow. But it really was a crazy day...

It began at 5:45 AM. If you know me, you know, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. I'm really not a morning person on the weekend and REALLY not a morning person on the 1 day (of the last 8) I can sleep in because my man is off. But alas, Hal says I must get my butt up and run, so I got my butt up and ran. 9 very. long. miles. 2 and a half minutes faster than my goal time, which did make me cry, but-that's-a-whole-nother-story.

So I get home, quickly shower and we head to a nearby little faux pumpkin patch. Oh, you heard we went to a different one last weekend? We did. But we didn't get a family picture, so I dragged us out again. They had a moon bounce, face painting and the hit of the morning - the cake walk. That one stumped me? But, hey I knew where the boys were the whole time! Caleb was determined to bring us home some sweets (because we don't have enough candy?) and that determination paid off! He was so excited.

Then we get home, put the sisters down for their nap and I beg for 37 minutes off my feet until I have to go to my home away from home - the grocery store.

After that was...

Soccer game at 3pm.
Soccer game at 5pm.
Friends over for dinner & some trick o treat action. Now, this was a little stressful because between our two families there were 10 VERY excited children. Very, very, very excited.

And this is where things started to go downhill very, very, very fast.

Let me preface this next story by telling you that we went to trunk or treat on Friday night and Lily Kate spent the whole time in her Daddy's arms because she was terrified of people in costumes. All people in costumes, but especially people in scary costumes. Tiny predicament for Halloween.

I had a bad feeling that she wasn't going to love being in costume. Bad feeling. Bad, bad feeling. But I shove that feeling out because I know they are going to love the costumes that I made, with my own two hands and LOTS of love, especially for them.

Happy thoughts. Good thoughts. Delusional thoughts...

So all 10 kids are getting into costume in the living room, the noise level is that of a NFL football game, the doorbell is ringing with Halloween'ers, I'm exhausted from the busy day, we start to pull the costumes out for the sisters and...

They go into major meltdown mode. They want nothing to do with those costumes and are begging to go to bed. It was bad. We tried everything - begging, reasoning (yeah, like that ever works!), bribery all to no avail.

I was sad, dissapointed and defeated. JKM on the other hand was determined (wonder where Caleb gets that from?) and convinced he could get them in it. At least for 1 picture.

So he takes them to the laundry room, turns off the lights and tricks them into thinking they are putting on their jammies. No, we are not above trickery. Little Kate fell for it and actually liked having her costume on, for a few minutes anyway. The Grace didn't fall for it or ever like wearing it. But candy kept her happy.

Our feelings of triumph literally only lasted for seconds before the girls saw one of our friends in a scary costume and lost it for good. We had to take them to their rooms to calm them down and get their jammies on them. Game over.

We went trick or treating with our friends, all through the neighborhood, and by the time we got home I told everyone goodnight, shuffled to my room and crashed hard. While the boys were still up and our company was over. I was stick-a-fork-in-me done!

And that, my friends was my Halloween. Now, your reward for reading that wordy post about drama, the part that you are waiting on, pictures...

But before I begin, I have to tell you that both sisters are wearing their costumes backwards. Apparently while Daddy was dressing them in the dark he didn't notice that he was putting them on backwards. So, I'm not sure if you can tell what they are... At least that is what we'll blame it on if you can't tell!

My little bat with candy in her mouth so that she doesn't cry.

Lily the spider with Spiderman.

My boys look adorable. My sweet girls look...sad. They aren't wearing their cute head peices or their happy smiles.
Oh, well, I guess there is always next year...


Michele said...

Oh Sabrina, don't we hate it when our best laid plans are not met with joy? Sorry.
The costumes are great though.
Happy November.

That's Just Us said...

Such a sweet story! I totally feel your pain, minus two children. I have GOT to find a better plan for Halloween night. It is utter chaos. The kids go nuts and it is all down hill for about 48hours. Totally cute costumes. AND I L.O.V.E. your story! :0)