Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things that make me laugh

Everytime I read my blog entry from yesterday I laugh. Really hard. And not just because of the story, but because how surprised everyone has been that I would share that kind of detail.

Hehehe! I love it! I love being shocking! Really, I do.

Yesterday I did some yoga to help stretch out my very tight muscles. Today, the plan was to start my Jillian workout. I say, 'was' because that plan went out the window when I woke up and felt tired and sore. I think it would be good for my body to take some time off from the gym and rest.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what it means to rest. Instead of going to the gym, I steam cleaned all the carpets in the house. It wasn't rest, but it was therapeutic.

I have some pictures of the race that I will post soon. Until then, here are some pictures of my silly girlies - mercy, I love them! (BTW - do you think they're identical?)



Sincerely Anna said...

Yes, I do think they're identical. Aren't they?

matt n karisa said...

No, not at all. One has a white chip-bag-hat, and the other one has a yellow chip-bag-hat. Trust me. I have an eye for detail.