Friday, November 20, 2009

While we on the topic of all the things I'm not...

I'm also not a seamstress. And unlike coupon clipping, I really wish I could sew better than I do. Part of the art of sewing is measurements and I'm really bad at math. Another part of the art is direction following. And, yes, I'm terrible at that as well.

Gee, I wonder why I'm not a good seamstress.

I wanted to cover some chairs for the kids playroom and here is my very feeble attempt:



Good enough for a playroom huh?


Lauren said...

cute fabric! Nice job. :)

Changes Within said...

Brina, Those chairs look great! If you would not mention that you made them I would think they came with the chairs. Do not sell your self short. Very well done. Love Mom

Sincerely Anna said...

Super cute! I am not a seamstress, either, but would love to learn how to quilt. Have you tried that?