Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Da-da-da-da-da Dora to the rescue!

As the twins progress through toddlerhood, it becomes more obvious how different my parenting has become since the boys were toddlers. Drastically different.

When Caleb and Luke were toddlers, they were fascinated with the television. It didn't matter what was on, the Today Show, The View, Sesame Street...they would watch it. So I have always (and still am) very careful about how much television they get to watch. I'm not really a tv kinda mom. I'm much more of a 'go-outside-and-run-until-you-have-no-more-energy' kinda mom. We have bikes, scooters, neighbor kids, swings, a tree house, small neighborhood, and a great backyard - so go outside and enjoy it!

And that is how I parent the boys.
The girlies are a whole 'nother story...

I have been trying to get them to sit down and watch a 'show' for the past 6 months. They are 2 1/2, the boys were watching tv when they were 6 months old! But the sisters have had no interest. None-what-s0-ever. Until now...
I didn't even know we owned Cinderella, but apparently we do on VHS! Have no idea where we got that or how old it is. The girls were fascinated/terrified.
Dora, on the other hand, is their absolute favorite. They love her, Boots and Swiper! Granted they won't sit and watch a whole show, but they do sit for a period of time so that I can at least get something small done. While I have no desire to have tv junkie kids, it is really nice to have them sit quietly for a few minutes so that I can clean up the messes that they've been making all morning!

And though they may not be tv junkies, they are definitely Dora junkies!



Elizabeth said...

I say let 'em enjoy it! A little tv never hurt anybody:)

Toby and Rebecca said...

What's up with the no pant action? Trying to cut back on the laundry Sab?

Sab Mad said...

The Mad Ladies are over pants. We're starting a no pants revolution. Wanna join Mrs. Lees?

Toby and Rebecca said...

I sort of appreciate pants, shorts and skirts for a number of reasons but Rylie is right there with your ladies! It's only because they make Fancy Nancy and Madagascar (aka "I like to move it, move it") panties that we have any bottoms on at all in this house! I always wonder if the people outside the door can hear me say, "Rylie, go get some pants on" before I open the door! ;)