Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A big day at the Mad house tomorrow!

The kids start school tomorrow and for the first time we are all pretty nervous.

It is a given that I’m freaked out. This will be the first time in 9 years that all my little chickens are in school at the same time. The boys did mother’s day out, before the girlies were born, but I was SOOO sick that it was hardly time that I enjoyed. I’m hoping that this will be WAY different.

The boys’ being nervous is a whole new feeling. Poor guys. They left a sweet little private Christian school where they knew everyone and had lots of friends and are going to a new big, public school, where they don’t know anyone. I’d be nervous too. Very nervous.

So I’m praying lots.

We met their teachers today and they seemed really sweet. So that is an answer to prayer. And I’ve been praying for some friends for them. I’ve specifically been praying for Godly friends - a friend that will encourage them to grow, a friend that will grow right along with them and a friend who they can encourage.

Basically the kind of friends we all need.

Caleb is the one that I worry about the most. He was Mr. Popularity at his last school. It’s hard to go from that to the new kid. Hard and humbling. I adore that child, but he could use some humility… Couldn’t we all though? Caleb is really excited. He has his outfit picked out, his new hair gel bought and has already informed me he’ll be using our mouthwash.

Ummm, did I mention that he’s 9?!

Luke, on the other hand… After Caleb picked out his clothes, I asked Luke to do the same. He brought down a shirt that was too small and stained, shorts that has ink stains all over them – long, sad story – and (best part) his Daddy’s socks. And had I not stopped the madness, he would have worn this catastrophe.

(INSERT VERY LARGE SIGH) My boys really are polar opposite. And I love that about them!

Luke told us at dinner that he is most worried about homework. Not at all worried about friends. Then again, this is my child that makes a best friend at the McDonalds playground. He had to fill out a little ‘get to know you’ paper and his answers were cracking us up. Thing he likes least about school: work. Thing he is best at: skateboarding and “um, pretty much everything.” Duh...

My children really are confident. Bordering on cocky. Get that from their Papa!

Both kids are worried about it not being a Christian school. They’ve both mentioned several times that they don’t think they can do ___ because they are going to a public school. So, after hearing Caleb tell Luke he can’t wear his cross that he always wears around his neck, I went on a mini-tirade. I told them all about the first amendment, about living in a free country, the cost of freedom, how big a role Daddy and all his friends play in our freedom, what to say if someone asks about that cross, how the cross is freedom…

Ummm, yeah, went a little overboard. Realized that as I was standing on a chair, waving my hands with goose bumps all over my legs.
You feel sorry for my kids don’t you?
Yeah, me too.

In any case, I want them to know that just because they won’t have teachers (or anyone for that matter) praying with them, they can always pray on their own.

Because that is really the life lesson here.

And then there are the Sisters. They are SO excited. We met their teachers today and heaven help them. They are in for a treat with my Diva’s. I tried to warn them, but they seemed to think I was “that” mom who has no control over my kids, but they, on the other hand, would be able to. I’m not arguing. Ella was super excited that “everyone in my class is 4 years old!” She shouted that several times and then told her dad and brothers several times too. Lily Kate is super excited too. Her new teachers kept asking her if she was, “Lily or Ella?” When asked that question she ALWAYS says, “I’m Lily KATE Princess and that is my sister Ella Mermaidy.” Oh, these teachers will have their hands full.

4 afternoons a week.
While I will be at home, doing…

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Michele said...

Waiting for the post telling us how the day went! It is so much better once the first day of anything is over and then they can just move on.
Miss you!