Monday, August 08, 2011

A visit with one of my FAVORITE friends!

(STILL catching up from June)

J had to stay in SA a little longer than we did and, since he was travelling with the pets, Caleb was very set on riding with him.  So Luke, the Diva's and I set out on our own adventure.  We headed to stay with some of our best friends in St. Louis. 

It's only a 14 hour trip, but with one adult and three kids it's more like a 20 hour trip.  So we took it in 2 days.  I was a little nervous because it was my first time travelling that far and staying in a hotel by myself with the kids.  But it turned out to be surprisingly easy!  I just may be doing more of that in the future.

We had a fabulous time with The Ziggy's!  My BFF Amy is amazing.  SO different from me.  She home schools, loves to cook, loves to try exotic food, is extremely patient, has big ideas, loves to take her kids on adventures by herself, she's great with a budget, lives frugally, lives simply, uses every opportunity to teach her all around incredible.  Seriously.  We were laughing because I told her that I recently described her to someone as a mix between Martha Stewart, Ma Ingalls and Mr. Rogers.

She didn't think that was flattering.
I do!  I love all three!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our adventures with them.

Ella with her sad, drama face.

Sad because I wouldn't let her down in the Mississippi river that was FLOODED.  Gosh I am such a mean mom.

Now she got her sister in the drama.  See, that's the trouble with twins.  Once one gets started the other likes to join right in.  So that she isn't forgotten about.  Heaven forbid.

I lived in St. Louis during my high school years and never once went up in the arch.  Amy thought it would be fun.  Just her and me and our (collectively) 7 kids.  I was surprised that they all did well and no one fussed too much about the scary ride up.  The lady in front of us actually refused to get in the tiny box that takes you up to the top.  It was scary.  The arch actually sways quite a bit.  I never would consider myself claustrophobic, but I was ready to come down once I saw the storm coming.  S-c-a-r-y!

Ella and Elise

Big Man T.  This child has some energy.  All boy!

I like this one of Lily Kate

Lily Kate the little fish

My girls are getting so big.  Look how long those little legs are!

Baby J

Amy!  She's gonna love this one!

Little Gracie

We went downtown one day where they have all these little splash pads and ponds for kids to play in.  See the guy in red...he's the lifeguard.  I think our kids were making him nervous.  It was really slippery with the marble.

Luke and Lily Kate.  I make my kids buddy up...Caleb is in charge of helping Ella and Luke is in charge of LK.  In all honesty, LK is really good at helping Luke remember what he is supposed to be doing.  Luke and Ella have the same spacey, irresponsible, having too much fun to listen, crazy, wild personalities.  Our little buddy system works well!

Ella Mermaidy.  Oh, my.  Ella is obsessed with mermaids.  Obsessed.  Everyday she asks when she is going to turn into one and I don't have the heart to tell her it isn't going to happen so I say, "I guess not today, maybe tomorrow?"  Then tomorrow comes and she realizes she still isn't a mermaid, so she asks again.  I know.  Sad.  Someone really needs to tell her the truth.  Maybe her Daddy will!  Anyway, this is the face she makes while she is singing her "Mermaid" song.  The boys hate the...noise that her singing makes.  Her Daddy (who adores her) says it's like nails on a chalkboard.  We probably won't be telling her that truth anytime soon either.  Isn't she cute though!

The Ziggy kids minus two Mad kids.  Missing Ella Mermaidy (and yes, she tells everyone her name is Ella Grace Mermaid-y) and Caleb who was with his papa.

Lily Kate's mean face...

...1 second later, her sweet face.

Kids loved play rock, paper, scissors

Mr. T and his two little ladies

Amy and I!  Mercy, we have been through lots together.  Family vacations, many states travelled, 8 kids between us, husbands graduated from the Academy together and then changed career fields, many moves, many different phone numbers, but always good friends.  I love you Amy Z!

See, isn't she the perfect picture of motherhood!? 

And bringing it back to the sisters.  Love Ella's face!

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SaraSeashell said...

Hey Lady! I haven't been here for a while! Finally, after FOREVER, actually put something up on my blog and thought I'd peek at inspirational yours. ;) I think your Amy description is perfect - and you're right, she probably hates it. Hugs to you and look forward to hearing more about Africa!