Sunday, August 07, 2011

A very different beach experience

(still catching up on our adventures in June!)

While J and I were in Mexico the kids stayed with my mama.  We were pretty sure that she would need a reprieve when we got back and since she lives an hour from Galveston we decided to take the kids there for the day.  Give mama a wee little break.  My sister, Sarah, came with us.

It was a really fun day, the kids had a blast, but a very different beach day than we had gotten used to in Mexico.  Very.Different.

Little Ella
Gosh this boy is cute!
My poor sister.  She was trying to lay out in peace and for some reason the kids thought it looked like a fun thing to do.  My sister can lay out for hours.  My kids can lay out for seconds.
This is a typical Ella face!

Daddy and Ella

Love this picture!
Sisters and best friends!
The boys were burying their sisters legs.  Everyone was fascinated with this game.  Luke kept getting frustrated with Ella because she kept moving.  I find that humerous because I get frustrated with Luke for moving all.the.time!

Aren't those cute kids in an ugly beach?  It is a night/day difference from the beaches we were at in Mexico!

I love this one of the girls holding hands.

Daddy and Ella.
Lily Kate and Ella!

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