Saturday, August 06, 2011

Our Mexican vacation - 2 months later!

Back at the beginning of June, J and I took a kid-less vacation to Playa del Carmen.

We had a lot to celebrate – J finishing Residency, 4 kids, 10 years of being married and, well the fact that we are both here and living.

Lots to celebrate.

10 years ago, for our honeymoon, we went to Maui. Our recent trip to Mexico and our trip to Maui had 2 things in common. The gorgeous sand and water. Outside of that, the trips couldn’t have been more different.

When we went to Maui we were hyper-scheduled. I wanted to see/do everything. We had 1, sometimes, 2 excursions a day, hopped by plane to other islands and were busy from sun up to sun down. I don’t even really remember just sitting on the beach.

Which is ALL we did in Mexico. We sat on the beach and read, drank, ate, sat on the beach and read, ate drank and did more sitting on the beach and reading. It.was.glorious. Neither J or I do a lot of sitting in “real” life. It’s not in our personality or our lifestyle.

But, mercy, we found that we really do like it.
At least in this chaotic season of life.

Sometimes, for hours, we would just sit there in silence reading next to one another. The only words spoken were, “mas cerveza por favor” to the sweet lady bringing us drinks on the beach.

We did leave the beach one day. To go to the pool. Where we ate, drank, floated in the water, read and drank some more.

Glorious. Just glorious.

Especially if your life is as crazy, overwhelming, loud and busy as ours are.

We highly recommend Playa del Carmen and all-inclusive resorts.

And did I mention it was glorious. Just glorious.

Day 1:  You couldn't wipe that smile from my face! 
My amazing view.  The water really is gorgeous.  Especially after having been to so many Texas beaches.  BTW - that book 'The Help' was sooo good and the first on I'd read in years.  I.mean.years.  Now I'm obsessed...
Doesn't my man look so relaxed?
We bought this little Canon camera right before we left so that I wouldn't have to lug around my beast and it was SOO fun to use.  I was having blast taking self portraits.

This is the kids pool.  See how many kids are there. On our last day there, I heard a child cry and it was such an odd noise after not having heard or seen kids in days.  Brought me back to reality!  We really want to take the kids next time we go.  Or so we said...
Our other hot spot - the pool.  Just steps from the gorgous beach.
Sab Mad lying on a floatie.  With no kids splashing her or trying to get on with her. 
One thing that can be said about Dr. Mad is that he knows how to chill.  Does this look like a man who has a care in the world.  Good thing there was no emergency that required his expertise, because I don't think he would have moved a muscle.  "Man dies while doctor lays in pool asleep, oblivious to cries for help!"
Hours spent like this.  With 50 spf.  Meanwhile, mama is hiding...burnt!
We did do one excusion one morning.  Because I felt like we should see something of Mexico besides the beach and pool.  We went for a zip line tour!
Don't I look happy to be plunging 300 feet to my death.  I really love adventure!
The tour was over 12 different zip lines above the jungle.  Pretty cool!
JMad looking just as relaxed as he was at the pool!
After the zipline tour we went on ATV's and that may have been my fav part.  I love ATV's.  I go really fast and scare Dr. Mad.  Have I ever mentioned I'm a fast, terrible driver.  Not on purpose though.
And this was the last stop on the ATV/zip line tour.  We were all dirty from driving the ATV's, so this felt so nice and refreshing!
All over the resort were wild animals.
A new little towel animal was on our bed every day!
There were wild monkeys at this resort.  Waking me up in the morning.  Reminded me of home.  Everywhere I go, monkeys waking me...
I was trying to make friends with this peacock so that I could take my picture with him.  He thought I was crazy.  So did JMad.
This perfectly capture my husband.  Loves his drinks and loves his cigars.  This is his, 'I'm on vacation' face!  Love it!!
I make myself laugh.  Often.  And loud.  I was really having fun with self portraits!!
Say cheese!!
Self portrait number 29,489
The day we were going to leave.  Sniff, sniff.  BUT, I was so ready to see the kids.  SO READY!

Yep, it was fun. 
I think we should do that again.


Sincerely Anna said...

Heavenly! You look amazing, too!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Ok, I'm convinced. Next time I'm going to this resort and I'M NOT TAKING KIDS.