Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New things

Alrighty, I only have a few moments to blog because I need to get ready for bible study this morning. Have I mentioned recently that I LOVE MY BIBLE STUDY? It has been a long time since I have met with a group of women with such depth and authenticity. And we know how I love and crave depth and authenticity! I'm super blessed by this group of ladies and can't wait to meet with them today!

It's my turn to bring a dish for breakfast and I am trying a new recipe. I have a recipe for breakfast casserole that I haven't loved the last couple of times that I have made it. Let's pause here to mention that Joseph thinks I'm c-r-a-z-y for trying new recipes out on other people. In his world it only makes sense to try something new at home where if we hate it we go out to eat, not on poor folks that are stuck eating what I made. It really drives him crazy when we have people over for dinner and I try out new recipes on them. Probably because I stress out the whole time I'm cooking! Totally ridiculous to him and wouldn't happen on his world. Oh, what it would be like to live in his world...

I am doing something today that I have never done before. (drum roll please...) I am giving up something for Lent. And while I am nervous about doing this, I am also super excited. Here is what has propelled me to think about this: I have this amazing woman who loves Jesus in my life and she recently did a 3 day fast. She invited me to join. Um, uh, um, um... I politely declined. In all seriousness, while I would love to do a 3 day fast at some point in the future, I'm not sure that now is that time. But, I do love the idea of self-sacrifice, prayer, opening new avenues to hearing God and experiencing -somewhat- what Jesus did in the wilderness. So since I am not at a time in my life to do a long fast, I decided why not give up (deep, deep breath) sweets for Lent. (deep breath)

Sweets is going to be a big one for me. BIG. Because every day - and I mean every day - I have at least 2 of these babies in the afternoon and at least 2 of these babies in the evening. Oh, is that why I'm not losing weight?

Yeah, so that is the plan. There really is bigger, deeper meaning to all this, but I don't have time to go into all that. I have a casserole to get in the oven. A new casserole. I hope it's okay. Oh, now I'm getting nervous...


Jessi said...

I, too, LOVE my Bible study (and the group of women)...what a difference it makes in my attitude. Are you studying anything in particular? We are reading "Feminine Appeal", a focused look at Titus 2.

I know it's proper ettique to try new recipes on your family first, but there are so many things I want to try but that I just don't want to sit around my house (ie. chocolate royal cheesecake). Plus, I find it's a good way to avoid my feelings from getting hurt...if someone doesn't like it, oh well, I can blame it on the new recipe that *I've* never tried before. :-) But I can't imagine no one enjoyed your *new* breakfast casserole from Southern's sounds delish!

Good for you for offering sweets as your Lenten sacrifice. I've never "participated" in Lent before, but I've been giving some serious thought to drastically decreasing the amount of my "computer time" as my offering this wastes so much precious time when I should be spending it in His Word.

Michele said...

So how did the casserole turn out? Ladies as deep and authentic as your friends could handle a flop or two.