Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A whole-lota nothing!

I have a whole lot of nothing to talk about today. Consider yourself warned..

Joseph hasn't had a day off in 3 weeks or so and we are all ready for a day off. So ready. The next 3 months are going to be tough. 2 of the rotations are crummy hours and the third is out of town (with crummy hours!) . *sigh* That's all I have to say about that. Well, that's not really all I have to say, but that's all I want t say.

I took the kids to their little friend, Rylie's birthday party. It was at Build a Bear and my boys were so excited! It was seriously my bribery tool all week long. (Listen, when your hubby is working all the time, you are NOT above bribery!) They had a blast and I survived thanks to my friends helping me out with my Darlings. Shout out to Rylie's dad, Toby, who did an awesome job blocking Lily Kate from getting into Macy's. I guess she heard there was free make-up! Girl after my own heart! Here they are with their Build a Bear loot (from Rylie's par-tay and from their trip to BaB at Christmas):

(Do you like the bows on Caleb's koala? Well, his daddy doesn't! For some reason all of Caleb's stuffed animals are females. He insists that they are all girls. I tried to console the Daddy - at least they are black bows, right? He wasn't buying.)

Are these boys handsome or what?!
BTW - people, Build a Bear is expensive when you factor in 4 kids! These stuffed animals get clothes, shoes, accessories... Luke's turtle has combat boots that cost more than the last pair of shoes I bought myself! Sweet Rebecca, Rylie's mama, was so generous and let all 4 kids make a bear for the party. I felt bad (after all, I am the only one with 4 kids!) but was thankful because Ella would have beat the boys up for their animals. Seriously.

3 weeks and 1 day until I can run again! I am so excited. I seriously dream about running...I know, crazy! This weekend was supposed to be the weekend that I ran my half marathon. *sigh* Yeah, we won't talk about that...

I have been hitting the gym hard and still love it. I've had to be more creative with my workouts because of the knee - spinning & yoga are my new favorites.

I have been trying to write a post about the twins, but it has been stuck in my head. They are so cute and so fun. Oh, and a ton of work...let's not forget to add that! They are starting to talk a lot more and their favorite thing to do is boss one another around. Check out this cuteness:

These little sisters bring such joy to our house!

Alright, gotta go...


Elizabeth said...

I would love to spend a day at your house and just enjoy the fun chaos that I'm sure exists most of the time. Those girlies keep you busy! And I love that Caleb's animals are all girls. He probably loves to protect them. It's good practice.

If your husband doesn't work all the time, is bribery still ok? I'm just sayin'-it comes in handy sometimes!

Sab Mad said...

E, I wish that you could come to my house for the day! Or 2, or 3...

and I agree, friend, bribery does have a place in this house!

Jessi said...

I'm so glad to hear that you made it out of Build-a-Bear alive. ;-) The boys' "bears" are awesome..love the bows (although Randy would most certainly agree with Joseph).

Sorry to hear you've had to stay off your knee....I've been thinking about you since I realized that the Austin half is this coming weekend. Glad to hear, though, that you've found other ways to enjoy the gym...I've been meaning to try out spinning myself.

And those girls!!!! They are just too cute for words. I enjoy the stage they're in now so much more than the *baby* stage...I just can't even imagine having to keep up with TWO at the same time. I want your energy!!!!

PS. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who is NOT above bribery. ;-)

Michele said...

Everybody looks yummy.