Friday, February 27, 2009


I absolutely DO NOT have time to blog, nor have I given myself permission to blog. So, this isn't a blog post. It's an update in bullet points:

  • The casserole was yummy, thanks for asking MC. But how can you go wrong with Southern Living? Especially if you are a southern girl? I did have 1 mishap. I didn't have the casserole finished, so took it to church unfinished and cooked it in their oven. So, while my girls didn't get to eat right away, they did get a piping hot breakfast!
  • The no-sweets-for-Lent is going strong. And let me tell you it has not been easy. I do pretty good until the evening. Then the cravings begin. I'm told the first week is the hardest. I do hope so!
  • I am really excited that February is almost over. This month has been crazy, busy.
  • My Mother's of Multiples semi-annual sale is this weekend and I have been in a tagging frenzy over the past couple of weeks since yesterday. And am no where near done.
  • It has been hot here lately. Ridiculously hot for February.
  • We started a new bible study this week and it is called, Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed by (are you ready for this!) Priscilla Shirer (Tony Evans daughter), Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. Hello. It is amazing! But how couldn't it be with those 3 amazing, Godly women leading?!?!? I'm so excited about this study and the group of women I'm studying with!!

Okay, I have to run... Oh, but before I go I have to share with you something I read this morning: "How many times have I fed on ashes, instead of feasting on the Word?" Oh, how that spoke to my heart today!

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Michele said...

Glad it was yummy. I just finished that same Bible study. Kay Arthur really nailed down an amazing concept for me, I shared it with my small group and she blessed them as well. Timing was amazing.

Would trade a little MN coolness with your TX warmth!