Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The wonderful world of twins!

Every day at nap time, for the first 30 min and the last 30 min, the girls have a par-tay in their room. I wish we had a video camera so that I could watch the madness and see what all the giggling and shouts of glee are all about.

Here are some pictures I caught of them doing their favorite naptime activity:

JUMPING in their beds! Look at that wild hair!! That is their second favorite activity: pulling their pigtails or ponytail out - you know, the ones that Mommy had to chase them down to put in!

And then they love it when I do this:
Put them in the same crib!! It's hard to imagine, but they used to sleep together in this very crib. Do you remember this:

YUMMY!! Oh, in some ways that seems like just yesterday and in other ways that seems like 1000 years ago! I often look at these little girlies and wonder what in the world it would be like to have a twin sister? A best friend you've known your whole life? I just can't imagine and I am so jealous!!

What I do know is that while they love each other and laugh like c-r-a-z-y, there are the days that at the end of their laughing/crazy/wild/joyful time, someone will start crying, a mad cry. And before I go in there I already know what happened - one sister took the other sisters blanket or lovey and won't give it back. Guaranteed that's what happened! Luckily it's never the same sister that is the meanie, instigator! They take turns...something that they have learned from day 1 - taking turns!


TYLERS said...

oh...doesnt that last pic make ya wanna do it again!! Sooo precious

Sab Mad said...

JT - if they stayed that little, slept through the night from day 1 and I didn't get violently ill during pregnancy, then yes I would want to do it again.

Until then, I will hold sweet Blake and give her back to you the second she fusses!

allboys4us said...

Incredibly are so blessed! I feel very blessed too, with my 5 amazing, very different boys! :)

Traci said...

awe. I think my heart melted when I saw the photo of the girls as newborns. I miss my boys being babies so much :( but I am enjoying watching each of them grow into the individuals they are becoming.