Thursday, March 05, 2009


Have y'all missed me? Or did you even notice I was missing? Well, I'm back - for now anyway - and here is an update on what has kept me away from my little 'ole blog.

I had my Mother's of Multiples sale over the weekend and it wore me out. Oh, mercy did it wear me out. I participate with their semi annual sale because it's really the only time that I do anything with the club and it's nice to make a little extra money while getting rid of things we don't need anymore. I tell you what though, after each sale I always think to myself - I'm not doing that madness again, that is until the check comes in the mail. For some reason that nice check is the only thing that I remember when it is time to sign up again!

Here is a picture of my fully loaded van before I left for the sale:

I got rid of almost all of it! Whooo-hoooo!

Speaking of the van, another semi-annual event happened when I cleaned it out. I had had it! The final straw was the milk cup that leaked out all over the floor. That, combined with the raw egg that had spilled all over the carpet, pushed me over the edge. Uh, yeah, it was gross! It's starting to get warm here, so the smell was really getting bad. Okay I'll stop, I'm sure you've got the picture.

Joseph just wanted to have it professionally detailed, but when am I going to have time to do that with the kids?! So we took the seats out and I pulled out my handy-dandy steam cleaner and did it myself. What we found when we took out the seats was ridiculous! Seriously we could have fed a small village in Africa. Embarrassing for someone who is obsessed with clean!



In other news, the twins are keeping me b-u-s-y!! Oh, they are a handful. But so stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!! And so much fun. Which is a very good thing for them because their naughtiness is reaching an all time high these days. Here is one of their favorite activities that makes me crazy:

Here they are sitting looking cute with food ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!

Then with no shame or remorse, they throw food on the floor right in front of me!

Absolutely no shame! And they know that this is not okay. It drives me crazy how easy I am on them. They are just so cute though. And perhaps if I would have gotten them out of their seats 15 min earlier when they told me they were "all done" they wouldn't have had to resort to this to get my attention. But I kid you not, when I have this duo confined I am on the move trying to get things done! And it usually involves cleaning up whatever they destructed when they were loose.

I have been sick since Monday, lost my voice on Tuesday and am still not feeling any better today. The big bummer in all of this is that I was supposed to run today for the first time in 6 weeks!! But I feel too crummy. You know I'm sick when I haven't been to the gym in 6 days. I tried to go yesterday and lifted a little before I just felt awful and came home.

What makes this even worse is that it is going to be a while before I will be back in the gym since we are going to my moms for Spring Break! The Spring Break part is exciting and much needed after a month like we just had and the month that we are getting ready to have. Joseph leaves next month and the kids and I are on our own. So, yeah, this break is going to be awesome and much needed!

Alrighty, that's enough from me. I'm off to feed my children!


Melonie said...

I absolutely missed you and noticed you were gone...just so you know!

Anyway...I am inspired by your before and after van pictures. Our van is getting just as nasty. In fact I think it's been since early last summer when I deep cleaned it last, and I need to do exactly what you just did. But I'm so not looking forward to it.

Your girls are SO cute, although I can kind of understand how frustrating it might be to clean up their messes. Like Levi times two! He has a thing for throwing food on the floor, too. WHY???? It about drives me over the edge.

Anyway, I pray you get to feeling better soon! Being sick is awful when you have kids. Thanks for the great catch-up post!

Elizabeth said...

I have been wondering where you were! It sounds like life has been busy, and I can relate. It's been too busy for me!

My baby girl does the same thing with her food, and I'm not sure how to remedy it. Any suggestions? It pretty much drives me nuts, esp. since cleaning floors is my least favorite chore in the whole world.

Your van looks amazing! Mine is nastified. I don't have a steam cleaner or I would clean it. I want to get it detailed, but it's like $100. Ouch! I may just splurge though b/c I could never do that great of a job.

Sincerely Anna said...

Yes, yes, I missed you! Your posts always make me giggle. I can identify with the throwing food on the floor. I'm like "seriously? I just spent precious time cutting that stuff up for you!"

Congrats on making some $ at the baby sale and the clean car. That was hard work - no wonder you got sick! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sab Mad said...

Thanks for telling me that you noticed I was missing! I needed that encouragement!! And it's good to know that we are all in the same boat with toddlers!

Melonie and Elizabeth, if you lived closer I would so gladly come and clean out your vans. Okay, perhaps I wouldn't gladly clean them out, but I would be more than happy to steam clean them! I LOVE to steam clean!

Anna - I think you are probably right about how I got sick!

Jessi said...

There you are! Glad to see you back in on the bloggy action! You have been missed!

Congratulations on being to unload your girls' closets, making room for new stuff! How FUN!

It's really hard for me to believe that your van *really* looked that 4 children are constantly chauffered from point A to point B back to point A in that van. ;-) But WOW, you did such a great job making it look new (makes me want to do the "Fabreze test/sniff" on your van floors)!

Glad to hear that you'll be escaping to the coast to enjoy a couple of days of rest before your month without Joseph. Is he headed to his required month of training in the desert/wilderness of TX?

Your Darlings just keep gettin' cuter and cuter. It sure does make it hard to enforce much punishment when they look at you with such cuteness. The dropping-food-on-the-floor-on-purpose thing is my least favorite activity of the transition from baby to toddler. Of course they think it's funny, they don't have to sweep/mop/steam the floor 10X/day.

Hope you get to feeling better soon..and that the next month without Dr. Love passes quickly. :-)

Cloughamily said...

Hello my sweet, wonderful friend!!! I'm sorry to say I did not notice you were missing because I too was missing. But I DO miss you!!! I loved the bit about the van. Interestingly, this afternoon I had had ENOUGH of my Suburban, too, and pulled out my handy-dandy Dyson and went to work! Okay, I may not have twins (I can only wish!), but four boys can wreak destruction on any vehicle...and they did! But, I sigh a sigh of relief because it's now clean! I didn't think to take before/after pics until I was finished. Oh well. I love, love, LOVE you, Sab Mad!!! If we get stationed at Barksdale AFB we'll be so much closer!!! God bless you, lovely lady.