Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visit with Gigi

I love that my whole family lives in the same city, I just wish that they lives a little bit closer to one another. It takes about 45 min to get to my stepmoms house, but is so worth the drive. The kids love their Gigi, aunts and uncle. Here are some pictures of our time with them. We were at my sisters lacrosse game and I'm so bummed I didn't get any pictures of her playing!

Lily Kate being adventurous. She climbed through this huge maze (by herself & without Ella!) and then was a little hesitant to go down the slide until Aunt Carami came to give her some enouragement.

When with my stepmom and the kids, Joseph and I get lots of time together. I like this picture. While it isn't the best of me, it is one of me really laughing, not some fake smile. Joseph makes me laugh. I heart my man!
Silly Lily Kate. She is so pretty!
Ella and Uncle Mark. She only wanted him to hold her which is unusual because she usually only wants me.
Caleb and Aunt Carami
Ella and her pigtails.

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Emily said...

Great photos!! Great family!