Sunday, March 08, 2009

Vacation Update

We are having a glorious vacation at my moms right now. It has really been the perfect mixture of time with time with extended family, time with our little family and alone time for Joseph and I.

Yesterday the boys spent the day with their Gigi (my step-mom) and she kept them overnight. Joseph and I were alone with just the girls and it was...different. The girls loved the attention and we were amazed at how much quieter and easier it is to have just two of our four Darlings. With that said, it didn't feel "right" until we picked up the boys this evening. There was a piece missing that was put back in place with the arrival of the boys.

This vacation has been a little different this time. My mom and step-dad are out of town, so we have their house to ourselves. While we miss my mom and can't wait for her to come home tomorrow I am glad that we have had this time together, by ourselves, but away from home. For me vacations have to be away from my house. I'm too much of a "do'er" to sit and relax at my house.

Another really odd change is that Love didn't bring 1 single book to study!! This is most certainly a change. I don't remember the last time that we went on vacation and he wasn't studying every spare moment he had. That has been quite special! And that amazing man is doing all the work - changing diapers, cleaning dishes, giving baths, bedtime and even letting me sleep-in in the mornings! He really is giving me a much needed reprieve, which is probably a good thing considering what I will be shouldering for the next month.

Well, that's all I have for now. Joseph is off getting some Panera for dinner, the kids are all in bed and the house is quiet! All is glorious!!

(Silly Lily Kate with her eyes close. I was having a hard time getting one of just her where her eyes were open!)
(Luke is really a great big brother to his little sisters. He loves on them, kisses them, keeps them out of trouble and even gives them his "special toys" to play with.)
(Ella looking like a little puppy!)
Aren't these little twinkies getting big?!

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Elizabeth said...

They ARE getting big. Their 2nd birthday is coming up soon, right? I remember when they turned one!

Enjoy your vacation. It's kind of the calm before the storm, huh? I've been complaining about a week alone with three kids and you have a month alone with four! Let's pray for each other:)