Friday, March 13, 2009

Caleb, the author!

Caleb is really becoming quite the writer/illustrator! He has a binder of stories that he has written, then illustrated, and adds more on a daily basis. Below is a picture of one of his drawings - isn't his hand writing impressive for kindergarten? In addition to the stories he writes, he also leaves me love notes all over the house. That boy is so yummy!


Jessi said...

How sweet (I seem to use that adjective a lot with when talking about your littles)!

What a great idea to put all of Caleb's stories and illustrations in a binder. You'll enjoy pulling that out years from now. I LOVE how he dated the illustration. And jets, huh? I wonder what made him think of that. Hehe.

And those notes are precious! How wonderful it must be to "happen" upon one of those notes when you're having a bad day. Is he speaking to your love language?

Melonie said...

Wow, that's really impressive! Good for him! And I agree, what a great idea to save all his stories in a binder - what fun to look through years from now!

Sincerely Anna said...

Great idea to give him a binder for all his stories and illustrations. It will be so fun to keep that and look back at it years from now. I love his love note to you. Max wrote me a note this week that said "Go Mom Go" - ha ha - he has such a way with words!

Michele said...

so impressive, Caleb. I'll be your future literary agent!