Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just so you can get a full picture of how crazy my life is...

...I'm going to give you a play-by-play.

6:48am - wake up, look at time and think, "Lord, I woke up too late for a long chat with you, but I have a feeling we'll be talking lots today!"

7 - update my facebook status

7:08 - do my hair, get dressed, slap my face on, make Luke breakfast, tell Luke to get dressed & answer 100 questions from my little kindergartner who is SO excited his mama is coming on his field trip!

7:28 - tell Luke to get dressed

7:32 - make Luke's lunch, remind Luke to get dressed

7:38 - tell Luke if he doesn't get dressed I'm going to lose my mind!

7:42 - start making or putting dry cereal in baggies the girls breakfast and milk

7:45 - look for Luke and (lucky for him) find him dressed, tell Luke to go brush his teeth

7:48 - start dressing the girlies

7:50 - remind Luke to brush his teeth

7:54 - put one very cute baby in the car and tell Caleb to buckle her in, take light sabers away from Luke and threaten him if he doesn't brush his teeth

7:55 - dress the other baby, Luke comes running in with the sweetest face and shiniest teeth

8:00 - put baby in car and ask Caleb to buckle her in

8:05 - back the van out of the driveway while Luke tells me I'm the meanest mom ever (I forgot whay he said that?)

8:17 - drop Caleb off at school

8:30 - get back home, unload kids out of car and sit girls in their highchairs for a "real" breakfast of more dried cereal and a banana

8:45 - clean the kitchen, start a load of laundry, sweep the floor, straighten up the house

9:18 - babysitters arrive!!!

9:26 - unload carseats out of car & Dustbuster the nastiness I found under the car seats (didn't I just clean the car out?!)

9:37 - drop Luke off at friends house

9:54 - arrive at Caleb's school

10:01 - can't find current proof of registration!

10:03 - call usaa and beg for them to fax proof of registration to school

10:12 - load 5 very excited, loud, noisy and very wound up kindergartners into the van

10:47 - arrive at the Magik Theatre after getting lost and being told how to drive by 3 very bossy kindergartners

11:30 - watch a performance of "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" - it was cute!

12:30pm - exit theatre with said 5 very excited, loud, noisy and very wound up kindergartners

1:07 - arrive at a very crowded Chick-fil-a where we wait with, 30 very excited, loud, noisy and very wound up kindergartners, for their food

1:20 - food arrives, kids eat, take over play land and make a mess with ice cream

2:14- leave Chick-fil-a and head back to school

2:30 - drop off 5 very excited, loud, noisy and very wound up kindergartners and pray to God that if I ever have to get a job, it won't be as a kindergarten teacher!!!!!

2:45 - come home and spend some time chatting with my favorite babysitters

3:05 - Caleb comes home from school (he wanted to ride the school bus home!)

3:17 - babysitters leave, girls cry over their departure, I load the carseats back in while my neighbors come over and tell me they have "no idea how you do it with all 4 kids by yourself"

4:01 - finally, have 4 kids and carseats in van

4:09 - arrive at gym

4:15 - boys go to yoga, girls to childwatch and I run/elliptical

5:28 - get the kids and take them to the treehouse to let them play

5:58 - load kids in van

6:12 - drive through Micky D's, listen to Luke complain/beg the whole way home to eat in the car and then tell me that if he doesn't eat, "right now, I'm gonna throw up!" reply, "that's fine, but please be aware that if you throw up you will have to clean up too!"

6:28 - arrive home and feed kids dinner

6:35 - talk to my sister-in-law

6:48 - chase the twins down to get them ready for bed

6:58 - put girls in bed, exhale and think I'm halfway there!!!

7:08 - start boys bath

7:28 - chastise boys for there being more water on the bathroom floor than there is in the tub! wash and shampoo them, while they complain about having to use soap

7:42 - have them call their Daddy to say goodnight

7:54 - say prayers and tuck boys in

7:58 - exhale long and hard

8:02 - get in the shower

8:28 - eat dinner - finally!!

And here I am! Blogging away.

My days are so full. But so is my heart.

I love my life and am so blessed!

And I'm also very tired.

I'm off to bed for another full day tomorrow!!!


Elizabeth said...

That was truly a full day! And I know you loved (almost) every minute!

Emily said...

Like the play by play...and I love you, friend. G-d continues to use you all to bless the me....Margaret-Jane has let up on asking when we will go to the Sabrina's....it will resurface when we see you all at Bible study this morn....I am sure. Love E

Miriam said...

Whew - that was a day! I was picturing myself with baby #3 starting in June at the play group I go to on Wednesdays thinking what have I done...! : ) Good to know that there is a mom out there with even one more who manages and is sane/happy! : ) Off to the dog park with children, dogs, & a friend!

Melonie said...

Sab Mad...WOW! Boredom is certainly not an issue at your house. (At least not for you!)