Sunday, March 29, 2009


My mom has the best "grandma" house for us to stay at when we come and visit. We all have our own rooms, the kids have closets full of toys, her neighborhood pool is 5 houses down and it has a great baby pool, there is so much to do in her town and she has this amazing park in her backyard. The park has a trail with turtles and a stream, fields, a bike ramp and playground - pure joy for my children!

Here are some pictures of the days we spent at the park:

I love this picture because it is so true to the twins nature - Lily Kate is so willing to have Caleb hold her hand, carry her and take care of her. Ella, not so much. She is independent! And a mama's girl.

This girl LOVES her big brothers. She especially has a close bond with Caleb.

And here is Ella, always on the move!

A typical moment with the Twinkies - one wanting what the other has!

So we distract her while she waits for her turn. She really liked this!

And then, of course, Lily Kate wants her turn!

Ella has always been a little more adventurous than Lily Kate, but the roles have switched as of late.

Looking for 4 leaf clovers and making crowns with flowers.
I love these little people!


Sincerely Anna said...

That last pictures with you sitting in the clover with all four kids are very sweet candids shots. You and your kids are so beautiful!

allboys4us said...

I loved your recent post with all the great pictures...looks like so much fun and wonderful 'family' time! :)