Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rodeo, Texas style!

The next couple of posts are catch-up pictures from our Spring Break trip to Houston.


You just don't know rodeo until you have been to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo! They know how to throw-down a ho-down!

I remember growing up going to the HLSR and loved it as a kid, so was quite excited to have the chance to take the kids. It lived up to all my memories and didn't disappoint!

I was trying to get Ella to pet the Llama, but that absolutely wasn't happening! A few minutes after this picture was taken a deer came up to Ella and I and started trying to eat our clothes!! Ella was doing her baby sign for "All Done". I was in total agreement!

Luke with his "joey". I asked him what kind of animal a joey was and he looked pensive for a moment and then replied, "a joey!"

Lily is definitely becoming the braver of our two Beauties!

The rodeo had this really cool Market where the kids milked cows, picked apples, grew corn, ect. and then took their loot to the market where they traded in their basket of goodies for cash. At the last station they could trade their money for a bag of chips, juice box or box of raisins. It was pretty cool!

My sister Sarah and her fiance Drew.

Boys and big toys!

Of all the rides at the carnival, Luke only wanted to ride on this tiger on the carousel.

I wish I would have taken a full picture of this ride. I was super surprised and impressed that Caleb got on by himself! It was fast and went high.

Daddy and Caleb riding the Farris wheel. It went really high.

The pig races were really cool and super cute. All the kids loved watching the pigs and the twins really got into clapping for the pigs!

(soon to be) Uncle Drew and Ella at the pig races.

The little piggy that we took home!


Toby and Rebecca said...

Looks like a great time! I love the market game!

Karen said...

Makes me want to take our kiddos to Houston next year for some fun. You all looked like you had a blast.

The Mother Hen said...

That looks like the greatest of fun!!! Your girlies are getting SO stinkin' big!!!

Melonie said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a great time! (And I agree about how big your twins are getting!!)