Thursday, December 27, 2007

C is for cookie!

Here are some pictures of our annual family cookie decorating!

Isn't my mama cute?! This is one of her favorite things to do with us at Christmas. She and Joseph really get into it! Joseph is rarely excited at first, but once his creative juices start flowing, there is no stopping him. Even though this isn't his favorite activity, I love that he participates because he wants to build family traditions, knows I love doing this and knows that his boys are watching him and taking cues from him! I love my man!

I think more frosting got in Luke's mouth, than on Mr. Gingerbread Man

And here is what my two little sweet peas did while we were decorating. They were pretty content to watch the action at the table. I didn't get the picture in time, but both of them at one point were biting the noses off their stuffed animals and talking to them.

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