Friday, December 21, 2007

One giant leap for Caleb

My amazing friend, Michele, is a homeschool mom and sent some books to us for Caleb. I have been asking him for the past couple of days if he wants to read together, but he had no interest...until the other day. He picked up the books and started reading them!!! Joseph and I were shocked! Granted this isn't Moby Dick, but he is doing a great job reading these phonic books. All on his own. But that is the kind of kid Caleb is. His way, his time.

Here is is wondering why I have to document his life for my blog fodder!

And this is what Luke is reading these days...catalogs!

This is what he is reading in case you are interestedPosted by Picasa

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The Z's said...

The catalogue that Luke is reading is totally Elise's favorite read. In fact, the page he is on has the picture of what Elise got for Christmas from Mimi and Papa, the baby doll station. Let me tell you that this little girl asked daily if she could get that for Christmas or her birthday or something special! Destined for marriage...