Thursday, December 27, 2007

A glimpse of Christmas morning...

We had a wonderful Christmas! Joseph and I decided that we would only get the kids 3 things each (just like Jesus got from the wisemen) and it would be 3 things that we knew they would absolutely love. It's hard because you want to buy your kids everything and, as I was shopping, I saw all sorts of thing that I knew the kids would like. It was hard to control ourselves, but we did and we are happy that we did so. Less emphasis on presents, more emphasis on Jesus!
My mom came and of course that made it even more special for all of us. She made sure that the kids had plenty to open up Christmas morning!
Our good friends, the Lams, also came over later in the day and we had dinner, walked around the neighborhood looking at lights and ate yummy pie!
It really was an awesome Christmas!!!

Caleb, Luke and I on Christmas morning!

Caleb got a rifle with a scope. He has been asking for this rifle (he loves it because it has a scope!) for months and was thrilled when he finally got it!
Luke has almost all the trains in the Thomas the Train collection. It's always fun when we find a train that he doesn't have and he is so appreciative.
A future NRA member.

Luke got a train table!

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ktothe8 said...

Wish I could've been there! I cannot believe how big the kids are getting...I can still tell which one is Lily and which is Ella. Thanks for the Christmas card...cute cute cute! Hope everyone is feeling better and over the stomach flu.
Aunt Katie