Sunday, December 02, 2007


"Hey, if you get your fingers out of your mouth and smile, she may stop making stupid faces at us and quit flashing that bright thing in our eyes."
"Listen, you're the one that isn't even looking at the camera. We've been waiting on you. I'm not the one holding up the show."
"Oh great, now your gonna be a crybaby. Well I guess that's one way of getting us out of this. I'm gonna put my fingers in my mouth and look cute."

"I'm not a crybaby. I'm just sick of this. And in case you haven't noticed, if you cry she picks you up first!"

Aren't my sweet girls so cute!


The Dan said...


Anonymous said...

So cute and so funny!

jen said...

That is a one cute post! And those are some cute twins! I can't believe you have twins! Wow! We're both at four kids now! WooHoo!


Sarah said...

sabrina dear, i was going to email you and don't have your current email. can you send it to me?
sarah lark

The Mad House said...


I emailed you...let me know if you got it!

Ms angela. said...

This is so funny!