Friday, December 07, 2007

We are dedicated to freezer meals

Kellie and I had another cooking day yesterday. It was very different then the one we had last time. Yesterday was crazy. Okay, crazy isn't exactly a strong enough word. Psychotic or insane is better. Much better.

My adventure began after a busy morning of dressing 4 kids, nursing 2 babies, feeding 4 kids cereal, packing 2 lunches and school bags, loading all kids in car, taking kids to school, coming home to put 2 babies in bed. And that was all before 9:15 am!

As soon as I got the babies down, I loaded Christmas music in the CD player and started cleaning chicken. And cleaning and trimming. And cleaning and trimming. And cleaning and trimming some more! Unlike last time, yesterday's cooking adventure included 44 packages of chicken. No, there wasn't a typo - 44 packages of chicken. They each weighed 1 1/2 to 2 pounds, so that means we used... LOTS of pounds of chicken. (There are reason's that Kellie is the one that is in charge of the math!) We needed 100+ breasts of chicken and 30 cups of cooked chicken.

We decided that it would be faster to grill the 30 cups of cooked chicken that we needed. Great idea until my grill ran out of propane before all of the chicken was cooked. This was a foretaste of things to come. From this point things started to go awry. The drama really began after almost 3 hours of cleaning/cutting chicken when I sliced off a chunk of my finger. My finger started gushing blood. It was then, that I found out that Kellie has an aversion to blood. She started turning pale. Apparently she has passed out, on previous occasions, at the sight of blood. That was the last thing that we needed. After we stopped the bleeding, had Kellie sit for a minute, oh and pick up the piece of my finger I cut off and threw it away - we started the marathon back up again. We are dedicated.

By this time it was after the noonish hour and we were going to have to go get the kids by 2pm. We worked fast and furiously the rest of the afternoon away. With kids underfoot and through the drama 6 kids can be at times. By the time we were done it was 5:30pm. We all were hungry, Kellie and I were dehydrated, the kids wanted attention, the house was a mess and my finger was killing me! This was the point that I melted down. Lots of tears and in front of Kellie's hubby, Dan. Lovely. Just Lovely.

The good news is that we each have 28 meals. Or something like that. And we still have at least 8 cups of cooked chicken that we are planning on doing something with. By golly, we will use the chicken that blood, sweat and tears went into (metaphorically people). More meals baby!

Aside from all the drama, Kellie and I are quite pleased with the results of our afternoon and are all about doing it again. Minus the dehydration, hunger, kids, blood and finger loss.

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Kellie said...

Perfect description of a crazy day!! But just look in your freezer - and it was all worth it! Right??
We'll have to do a little LESS next time, and you're not allowed to sharpen your knives on cooking day.