Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome Home..I'm not so sure you're glad to be here!

Well, lots has been happenin' at the Mad House!

I didn't share this with all of you bloggity readers, but Lovey has been gone for 3 weeks!! Yup, I have been doing it by my lonesome and it was exhausting. Completely, totally, absolutely exhausting. There were many moments where I was done. Stick a fork in me done. But still had to forge on. I definitely had my not so stellar moments, but we all made it through alive. And we are excited that we won't have to be doing that again for a while. A long while. And we are thrilled to have Joseph home. The boys were are so adorable and very excited about having their Daddy back. They needed some of their toys fixed, scopes put on their guns, rough wrestling matches and discipline! And I desperately needed a break.

Since Joseph got home, things have been crazy around here. We have had shopping to get done, parties to go to and a stomach bug to pass around. Oh yeah, you read correctly. Yesterday I got one of the most fast and painful stomach aches than I have had in a while. We went to Luke's "best buddy's" (that's what he calls him and it's so cute!) birthday party and I felt fine all morning, then suddenly around noon I started to not feel so well. By 2 I was doubled over in pain and... let's just say I was hugging the toilet. I slept for a while and felt much better. Just in time for our bible study Christmas party that I really didn't want to miss. I didn't feel great while we were there and didn't get to enjoy all the yummy food, but had a great time nonetheless.

Then Luke started throwing up at 11pm. After we washed him off, changed his sheets and got him back in bed we went to bed ourselves. Around 1 am something happened that almost never happens in the Mad house. A child came walking in our room in the middle night. I can count on 3 fingers how often that has happened in 5 years. And after throwing up in our room, something else happened that almost never happens in the Mad house. A child slept in our bed for the rest of the night! And after the sleep that I got last night, I remember why we don't allow children in our bed. No one got any sleep and my body is sore from being kicked and contorting myself in weird positions to avoid being kicked. Yep, I am so thankful that our children do not share our bed!

So day 3 of Joseph being home will be a day shut in the house with all our germs. Even though I am sad that this is how we are spending Joseph's first days home, I am so glad that he has been here to help me with this drama. Hopefully we all start feeling better soon so that we can start doing fun things together before he has to go back to work.

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