Monday, July 27, 2009

Father/son bonding at its finest

Boys will be boys. Really, it doesn't matter whether you are 4, 7, or 30...if there is a video game on, you don't hear a single word mama is saying. Nor do you know that she is taking your picture and in all honesty you don't care. All you care about is winning. Oh, and that no one gets in the way of the screen.



Jessi said...

While we have chosen not to house a game system (for my own fear of becoming addicted), I think it's great that your boys can use it to bond! How awesome!

But when we (uh, Randy) do have an opportunity to play, it's SO true about the "tunnel vision" and the "making sure no one is in the way of the screen"...LOL!

Toby and Rebecca said...

Too cute! And nice hair cuts Maddry boys!

Sincerely Anna said...

I see all that male bonding going on! What's even more impressive to me right now is the sight of your corner shelf. Do those books really stay put? Mini would have that shelf cleared every single day!

Elizabeth said...

I used to snicker about how men bond over video games. Then I had a son. He and his daddy could play for hours and learn more about each other than I ever imagined.

Kellie said...

I hope my boys get to bond over x-box soon. That means I will have the rest of our stuff!!
Glad the games are still going well!