Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My life in bullet points

I'm tired and I have mucho to say, so bullet points will have to do:

  • My kids say funny things all the time. All.the.time. Today, was especially hilarious. Case in point: Somehow green crayon managed to make its way in the laundry, through the wash and colored all the clothes in the dryer. When I asked THE ONE who is responsible for this travesty how crayon got on our clothes and his response was, "I don't know. Purple is my favorite color, not green." (sigh) What to do with that boy?
  • So while I thought this was funny, Caleb topped it off. I got pulled over on my way home from the gym today for "speeding." I wasn't speeding. Really, I wasn't. So the officer lets me off with a warning. Of course this whole thing is fascinating to my children. F-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g. Questions all day long. At one point Caleb says, "But mom, why didn't he give you a ticket?" I had already answered this question is 100 different ways, so I said, "Maybe because I'm so cute and sweet and nice and adorable." To which he says, in total seriousness, "So what does that have to do with anything?"
  • Joseph is finally off his month of nights!!!!! The first part wasn't that bad. It got bad when he started doing 12 hour nights. Those are brutal. And thankfully done for a while!
  • He has a decent schedule this month and then leaves for a month. This year he will be gone 3 months. Thankfully not consecutive. And so it goes...
  • We have had good friends of ours stay at our house for the past couple of weeks. It was fun, overwhelming, exhausting, hysterical, fabulous, demanding, joyful, chaotic and just plain crazy at times. But you would have to expect that when there are 7 children under 7, 4 adults and a skunk dog. Right?
  • Our good friends left Saturday night and it was a hard goodbye. Being a military family means that we get used to saying goodbye, it doesn't mean that we ever enjoy it or that it is ever easy. This was the first goodbye that we have done where the boys really "got it." They took it pretty hard. So have I. Fruit snacks makes it easier for them. Chocolate makes it easier for me.
  • I didn't take many pictures while our friends were here because Kellie has a better camera and we used it. I'll have to get some of those pictures. And that camera. Too bad our AC is going out and that will be our next big purchase, not a new camera.
  • Because our friends were here and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, I put all my other "stuff" on hold. Now it is overwhelming.
  • Lets take a sharp turn and allow me to tell you that there are two things that I am interested in doing. But am afraid of failure. Okay, that's all I want to say about that.
  • It has been ridiculously hot here. Record breaking. You guys know I kick my kids outdoors as much as possible, but it is too hot for them out there. So they have found a new indoor activity to keep them busy. XBOX. It really makes me laugh to watch them play. Caleb of course has it figured out. Luke, on the other hand, plays with a controller that isn't even on. And he is blindly overjoyed. I am very tightly controlling this because the LAST thing I want are kids addicted to the tv and video games. We aren't that kind of family.
  • One way I have found to keep it under control is to not own any games for the boys. It makes no sense financially (and that always bothers me) but if we don't have games they can't play right? If we need something we can always rent it at Blockbuster. And take it back when I am sick of the video games. Works for me.

Well, I guess that's it. I thought I had a lot to say, but as I read over that nonsense I realize it was a whole lot about nothing!


Elizabeth said...

Aren't kids so honest?! I love hearing the funny things yours say.

I'm so glad your hubby is home more this month, and sorry your friends left. Saying goodbye is never easy for me either. It pretty much stinks.

I really want to know what you're interested in doing. Anything fun?

Your kids are welcome to borrow some of our games, but we have a Wii. Just buy some cheap ones and hide them!

Jessi said...

So really how DO you get the green crayon out once it's been melted by the dryer? His answer was hilarious, though.

We've just had to say "good-bye", too. Unfortunately, it's both a part of being in the military and being in this stage of 'playing doctor'. It's so sad...and a good amount of chocolate can most definitely help.

Yes...I, too, am very curious about what you are interested in doing...a race in November perhaps? *wink*

I TOTALLY understand your concern about the video games...we don't own a game system at all (but mainly because I'm afraid that I'll become the one addicted, hindering my efforts to be a good mommy).

Kellie said...

Dan and I are laughing hysterically at your boys. We miss them!
Also interested in the 2 things you want to do. I don't know why you are afraid of failure - you do whatever it is in your mind to do! It's amazing!
Thanks for putting life on hold for us! I have been thinking about you and have been sure that you are playing some serious catch up. At least I hope you are getting some more sleep!
I will send pictures!
Get on Skype if you aren't already!