Sunday, July 12, 2009

I miss my friend!

I have tried to start this post many times, but have quit halfway through because it makes me sad.

My BFF, Kellie, moved last week and I'm a little lost without her. There have been so many times this past week that I have picked up the phone to call her and remembered that I can't call her because she is in Korea and phoneless. Its been a blue week.

Kellie is my friend that has helped me get through the past 2 years while Joseph has been gone or had a crazy schedule. We met when the twins were 5 weeks old, Joseph was gone for 5 weeks and I was a mess. It's funny because we had "met" over email a couple of years before when she moved to Minot. I knew a friend of hers in DC who 'introduced' us over email and then I 'introduced' her to some of our friends in Minot who she became really good friends with. It really is a small world in the military! We had heard about them and they had heard about us through the grapevine, so it was fun to finally meet. We became friends quickly and I have relied on her heavily over the past couple of years.

Kellie is the one that I call when there was any drama happening around here - and there's always drama around here. She has helped me get through the early years of twins, intern year, many months of Joseph being gone, first days of school and lots of kid drama, marriage drama and life drama. Kellie is one of my only friends who will spontaneously drag her kids all over town for crazy, chaotic, kid fun with me. Our kids can be together for days without any fighting, crying or arguing - which is really rare for kids!

Kellie is also the one that I call at 4:30pm and say, "What are you having for dinner?"
To which she would reply, "Ummm, I have chicken out. Why do you ask? What are you doing for dinner?"
And I would say, "Well, I think we are going to eat at _______ (you name the restaurant). Wanna go?!"
"Yeah let me call Dan, but I'm sure he'll say 'yes' and I can always make chicken tomorrow."
And then we would take 7 kids out to dinner.

And many times by ourselves when our hubbies are working.

Kellie, my friend, I miss you so much! Thanks for being such a great friend to me and for being there through the craziness of the last 2 years. Life here is going to be different without you, but I am most thankful for FB, blogging and IM.


allboys4us said...

Awwwww...I am so sad for you too! :(

Kellie said...

You have been there for me in all those ways and more!! You are irreplaceable, I think I will definitely not be finding a Sabrina Maddry replica in Korea. Every time we go to Chili's I will want to call you!
You are an amazing mama, wife, and friend, and I have learned so much from you. Thankful also for technology that will allow us to "keep in touch" and still be friends - you're stuck with me forever, sorry sister!

Love and hugs and laughs and a few tears,

Elizabeth said...

This makes me so sad for you! I have friendships like yours with Kellie and they are priceless. Thank God for facebook, etc. because I'm sure you girls will use it all the time to stay in touch.

Jessi said...

What can I say....saying good-bye sucks (darn 'seasons')! But how wonderful that you were blessed to find such an amazing friend!

What a beautiful post for your amazing friend.