Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday

I don't know about you, but I am loving Flashback Friday!! I go crazy ooohing and aaaahing over old pictures. I also love looking at your pictures, so link back and leave a comment to let me know if you participated!

Last week we tried to teach Luke to ride a bike, but his tire was flat so it was a no-go. Luke is usually my very adventurous child, but for some reason when we took the training wheels off his bike (before we knew there was a flat) he was quite apprehensive. Really puzzling. This afterall is my child that goes down hills at full speed on his scooter. I guess a little trepidation wouldn't be bad.

Anyway, once we told Luke that Caleb learned to ride his bike before he was 5, Luke was suddenly all over the idea. Here are some picutures of Caleb the day he learned to ride his bike:

I love how his bike is so little and his helmet is so big that it is falling in front of his eyes. He has definitely outgrown both the helmet and bike!

And sweet little Lukie! I love this picture! I love how little Luke is and that you can see Caleb riding away in the background!

(Next week's Flashback Friday will be a themed edition: baby pictures! And not just of the kids - pictures of you and your spouse!! I'm already looking forward to it!)



Kellie said...

They are so cute! I love how they both just look like miniature versions of their current selves, know what I mean? I am loving your idea, you need to make a Flashback Friday button!

Jessi said...

You sure do have some cute boys, Sabrina! I, too, love how *little* Luke looks in the last picture.

Hope once the flat was fixed that Luke went "full speed ahead" without hesitation.

I agree with need a "Flashback Friday" button. *wink*

Michele said...

Fun seeing your handsome littler men. I remember the day Jake learned to ride his bike. Ben was videorecording the big event, narrating and I am encouraging him in the background and then there is a "stop!" followed by the video going all crazy as Jake crashes and we run to pick him up. And then time passed and he somehow became 5'9", 140 lbs with a deep voice and shaving is just around the corner. Last week he broke Ben's rib while they were wrestling: 13 is wonderful, but Jake doesn't quite know his own strength.
miss you and all your little ones.