Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lazy Summer Days


This has been the busiest summer I think that I have ever had. Every week I think, “Oh next week things will slow down around here and I will work on those projects I had planned.” Umm, hasn’t happened yet.

We have had a lot of company this summer and are gearing up for more next month. My dad has been here for the past couple of weeks and the kids have loved it. He plays with the girls and reads poetry to the boys. Yes, poetry. They beg for it and love it. I know, weird. Joseph and I can’t figure it out, but if it keeps the boys busy who are we to question?

It has been nice that he has been here to watch/entertain my kids this week because I am organizing a big dinner tonight for the incoming residents and fellows. When I took on the job of Madam President (don’t worry, you can still call me Sab Mad) this is the kinda thing that I thought I would be doing. I just forgot to factor in that I would be working with women and when there are more than 3 women together there is drama. There are more than 3 women working with me. ‘Nuff said.

Random story that I have to tell, mostly because I wanted to call my BFF immediately after it happening but she is in Korea and the time change isn’t conducive to me picking up the phone at my whim. So this is how I’m telling her the story. The rest of y’all can read too if you want. Or you can talk amongst yourselves… Oh, I guess you can’t so you will have to read!

Okay, okay – to the story.

We were on our way in the gym the other day and as usual Luke gets to the building first while I am lagging (way) behind with the twins. SIDE NOTE: Can I just say that the hardest part of working out isn’t the workout itself. It’s getting the 4 kids out of the car, into the building and checked into their classes. THAT is the real workout!

End of digression, back to the story – So I’m lagging behind with the twins, working hard to get them to keep moving in the right direction when all of a sudden I hear Luke screaming. Not just crying, screaming. I knew there was something wrong because Luke isn’t the kind of kid that cries easily when hurt. He’s tough. So I tell Caleb to stay with the twins and run ahead to find Luke standing in the doorway hysterical while some woman is standing there holding a cup of coffee. I said, “What happened? What’s wrong?”
Luke keeps screaming and the woman calmly replies, “Coffee spilled on him, but he’s okay. It’s not that hot.”
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Even if that is so, is that the first thing that you are going to say to me?
So I grab Luke and start wiping coffee off his head and face (yes, she spilled it on his head and face) with my shirt and scream (yes, scream) at her, “It’s coffee!! Coffee is hot!!”
“Well, bring him inside,” is her response.
To which I scream (yes, scream) “I have 3 other kids over there, I can’t just leave them!” She looks at me and then walks off. I seriously wanted to kick her in the face, but was too busy trying to console Luke and gather the other 3.
Luckily I have lots of friends at the gym and one came and took the girls where they needed to go, while the another one took Caleb where he needs to go and another got Luke some ice. And then this is the point where I start to cry. I’m so sad my baby is hurt and furious at that woman for hurting him!

Good new is Luke is fine and not even remotely traumatized. Bad news is I am still fuming and totally traumatized!

So I’m retelling this story to everyone that I have contact with. Everyone.

And I’m telling my 2 neighbors yesterday, one neighbor knows me, the other doesn’t. When I get to the end of the story I say, “And if I see that lady at the gym, I’m going to drop kick her in the face.”

Can I tell you the look of horror on the face of the woman who doesn’t know me. It makes me laugh even as I type this. Really hard.

Yep, lazy summer days - these are not!


allboys4us said...

Gosh Sabrina...that made me laugh AND cry! You are so funny, even when you're mad! I would have been soooooo upset too and it's so much worse that she didn't even seem to care...that's CRAZY! What a blessing that you had friends there to help you! I'm glad Luke was ok even though it must have been very upsetting for him and I'm sad that your BFF is gone but glad that we get to share more of your stories now too. Praying that God will fill you with peace whenever you remember what happend and I'll try to pray for the other lady too...for God to open her heart to him and for some compassion...she could soooo use that too!

Kellie said...

Okay, I have to keep this short since it's midnight here and Dan would kill me if he knew I was still up since I've been super tired and crabby this week. Thank goodness this is his last night at work!
1) Always tell me stories. You make me LAUGH OUT LOUD! By myself! At midnight! And I reread the superfunny lines and laugh again!
2) Yes, scream? I wish I had been witness.
3) The nerve! I seriously cannot believe she said that. Then walked away. Does she know who you are?
4) What your neighbor doesn't know is that you WILL drop kick her in the face. Just kidding. I think. :)
5) I am glad your event is coming up! Tell me how it goes!
6) I was contemplating a blog post earlier (having to do with you) but thought better of it... like people might take it the wrong way... like your face-kicking comment... but now I'll post it. Good to know we are still linked in thought 14 hours apart.
I'll do it tomorrow though. When it's not midnight.
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

Hey friend. Don't we all turn into mama bears when someone threatens our kids? I wonder if that woman is the least bit nervous about running into you?

timeforbeads said...

well, you should really think about forgiveness and all that....or you could stalk that woman out at the gym-hide in the bushes and GET HER!!!