Saturday, July 18, 2009

A visit from some old friends!

Last month (I know, I'm WAY behind!) some friends of ours came through town and spent a couple of days with us. The visit was too short, but I love that we reconnected like there hadn't been 5 years since the last time we were together. The last time that we saw Jay and Amy, as a couple, I was pregnant with Luke. And the last time we saw them separately, Luke was a newborn!

Since that time they had Hailey and we had the Twinkies. Here are some photos of our girl's together. There is only a couple of months between them, so in essence they were like triplets!

3 Little Beauties in a tub! Aren't they sweet?!

Pool Par-tay!

We love you Jay, Amy and Hailey and hope that it isn't another 5 years before we see you again!


MaryBeth said...

if the chaos was constant while you had three 2 year olds in your house then it was just like having triplets.

Sab Mad said...

What if the chaos is constant with the 2 two year olds and their brothers?!