Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday!

(I started a little series here last week and a couple of you played along. Let me know if you do this week. I had fun looking at your pictures!)
Seriously, I dug back in the vault for some of these pictures. And had so much fun in the process! I could look at old pictures for hours and never get bored. Here are the ones I picked for this week:

This picture is from our first family vacation in 2003. Caleb was a year old and we went to Spring Canyon, in Colorado, with our best friends. That place is amazing! Our BFF's have a son Caleb's age and we all had a fab time! Joseph and I love the outdoors so this was a great trip for us. We got to go ATVing, hiking, played in the mountainss and enjoyed it all with some of our favorite people and our only child. My how things have changed. Since then we have been on 2 other family vacations with these same friends and now there are 7 kids between us. We are blessed!

There are my boys! Gosh, I love these little faces.



Jessi said...

I'm so glad you created this series...I'm loving sifting around our "vault". I had hard time choosing, so I just copied your idea and posted pics from our first family vacation. Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all, right? *wink*

It's amazing how much your family has grown in just 6 short years. I see so much of the girls in those young boys' faces.

The Langes said...

What a wonderful idea! I am definitely taking part as well :) I love to look back at my old photos.

Kellie said...

I flashed back. Check it out!

TYLERS said...

I flashed too..thanks for the good idea!

Lauren said...

what a cool idea Sabrina...I'll have to check our vault.