Thursday, February 14, 2008

All we need is love!

Happy Valentine's Day! It has been a delicious one around here. Joseph and I had a lunch date at Pappadeaux's and it was delicious and delightful! We also have a babysitter tonight, so are going out again! Two dates in one day...does it get any better than that?! Joseph got me an awesome Valentine gift that will be revealed in a couple of days here on my blog!

The boys had a Valentine party at school today and came home with lots of loot. Luke loves to say, "Happy Balentimes" because he has figured out that when he says that someone is usually handing him some candy too!

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about the people I love and thought about our sponsor children, Hashakimana and Happy. I was trying to remember how long we have been sponsoring them. It started at a Caedmon's Call (my favorite!!!) and Jars of Clay concert. They had a whole table of kids from Compassion International that needed sponsor families. Joseph chose one boy and I chose one too. It has been amazing watching them grow and getting letters from them over the past 5 years. We haven't been the best at writing them even though Compassion makes is SO easy through their website. We have gotten better after the past letter that Hashakimana wrote to us "thanking us for chosing him as our son". How sweet is that? We would someday love to go and meet our boys in Uganda. We get letters from them where they tell us how they are doing and what they are learning at church.

I love that these boys of ours whom we haven't met, but prayed for many years are learning about Jesus and his love for them. Compassion is an amazing organization that I can't speak highly enough about! We have friends that work there and they testify to the fact that Compassion has a desire to reach these impoverished children, help them and their families, and share Jesus Christ with them. Compassion and our sponsor boys have blessed us in many ways. They have taught us how blessed we are here in the US. Our sponsor boys have also taught us a lot about prayer. They frequently ask for prayers for their crops and rain. They are so thankful for the small monetary gifts that we send them and their families. They also share scripture verses and songs they learn. Our small financial promise to Compassion is changing lives - ours and theirs.

This month is "Compassion Blog Month" and they have 15 bloggers in Africa right now blogging their experience. If you are interested in sponsoring a child it is so easy and not expensive. Go to Compassions website for more information on how you can help a child learn about Jesus!

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