Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What every boy needs...

A treehouse!! And they are lucky to have one cool, super handy, engineer-turned-doctor for a daddy!

We had decided that if we got residency here then we would build a tree house in the back for the boys. We are super blessed to have trees (there aren't many in this region) and a great back yard for boys. All that back yard needed was a treehouse and now it's complete.

(Well, Caleb would have liked a pool too, but that wasn't in the budget so he's happy with a treehouse! )

Check out my manly men hard at work:

Do you love Caleb in his coveralls? This child is more Alaskan than his father, who was born and raised there!

The treehouse all it needs is a little paint!
Caleb really wanted to paint his treehouse camo, but we settled on a nice green for now. Everything in this childs life is camo...EVERYTHING!
My little painter hard at work. His job was to paint the inside of his treehouse. It was built so that no adults can go in, so painting inside was all him. When he painted to roof, he got a little wild and a lot of paint on his head! It was time for a haircut anyway, so I just cut that green on out.
Daddy did the outside of the treehouse. Poor Joseph, he hates to paint and to top it all off he was sick. But he really wanted it to be a project for him and Caleb and didn't want to dissapoint Caleb or make him wait any longer to paint. Way to take one for the team!
Luke wasn't really too interested in the treehouse project. He was content to bring his safari animals out and play with them. Isn't he cute?!
One of my favorite design elements to the treehouse is that it is two story and has steps on the inside leading to the roof. Joseph built railings all around to hopefully keep them from falling off.
And here is the completed treehouse...

Yeah, so our house is the house that all the neighborhood kids hang out at. Before we had kids I always hoped that my house would be the neighborhood hang out, but I really had no idea what that would entail. I had just imagined kids serenely playing and my children sharing Jesus with everyone. I never would have imagined that being "the house" would mean feeding and watering the children, finding enough guns for everyone, as well as dealing with the mini-drama's. The treehouse has been a hit in the neighborhood!


The Mother Hen said...

AWESOME treehouse!! The Mother Hen is quite impressed. :)

Cloughamily said...

It's wonderful!!! My boys will be envious when I show it to them. We have no trees to even climb. Nice job, Joseph! I'm sure your children are extremely proud of you.

God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Crandall boys give you guys 3 thumbs up!