Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moments at the Mad House

I've not been a very good blogger lately. It's not because there isn't anything going on, there is so much going on it has been hard to find a few minutes to write about it.

I know I told you that Joseph was working only 20 hours a week, but I was lying. He actually works 8. Yep, no typo, 8 hours a week. We have had so much fun having him home. When he returns to more normal hours next week, I will be going through some serious withdraw of my third, fourth and fifth hands! He really is so wonderful and I have gotten so much scrappin' done. I so wish that he could find a career where he only worked 10 hours a week and loved his job. Very wishful thinking..

The kids are all okay. We have all had some crud that we have been passing around. Currently, Ella and I have the crud right now. And we are very vocal about it! Luke had fever over the weekend and was feeling really bad. Lucky for all of us, he is feeling better.

Caleb was intently coming his hair in my bathroom yesterday, while I was brushing my teeth, and I watched him for a few minutes thinking about how grown up he looks these days. I go next Monday to register him for school and am feeling quite nostalgic about him going and leaving me and growing up. (I actually cried today when I was reading his list of school supplies - I know, I need help.) So on the way to school we had the following conversation:

Me: Caleb, I love you.
CJM: I love you too Mommy.
Me: Do you know why I love you?
CJM: (silence) Because I'm your first baby and that makes me special?
Me: (chuckle) Well, that's one reason...Why else do you think I love you?
CJM: (silence) Because I have been obeying lately?
Me: (full out laugh) Well, I love you even when you don't obey, but is sure is sweet when you do! I love you because God chose you, out of all the boys in the whole world, to be my baby! Isn't that cool?
CJM: Yeah, but did you know that police cars have special locks inside them to keep the bad guys from getting out?

I guess that was the end of our moment...


Miriam said...

I love the Caleb commentary you ended with - made me laugh after a long day! Ah kids!

Cloughamily said...

Too Funny! Just like kids. I loved it! Get well. I'm praying for you guys.