Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, how I love my men!

The boys have an alarm clock in their room that is set for 7:45 am. Please make no mistake in thinking that they sleep until then! The alarm clock is merely an indicator to let the boys know that they are allowed to leave their room without Mommy Dearest losing her mind because they are interupting her "personal time".

The other day Caleb comes bursting into my room, as usual, at 7:45:15 with his flight suit on. He stops in the middle of my room and stands there staring at me. After a few seconds of a staring contest, I finally gave in and said, "Good morning Caleb". To which he responded, "Guess what I did to Lukie?" (An...interesting phrase for a big brother to say.) He then motions to Luke to come in the room and Luke comes in with Caleb's old flight suit on. He looked adorable and proud. Caleb saluted him and Luke saluted back. Where is the stinkin' video camera at when I need it?

Luke and Caleb wore their matching flight suits to school. Below is a picture of that they wanted to take with their Daddy before he took them to school.

And then this next picture is a total Luke pose! That kid is a nut!

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome troop! Luke is absolute cuteness. Caleb was so sweet to share with his little brother. Hey how's the 29th for me to share all the fun?
Love Nana