Monday, February 11, 2008

Howdy Partners!

It is Rodeo time here in the southwest! We rounded up the 2 cutest cowboys and cowgirls and headed out for a family day at the rodeo. It was so much fun! I love that we get to take the kids to do something that I did every year as a kid. In Houston, where I grew up, the rodeo is a must and we went there on field trips every year. And now my sweet kids get to go too! Here are some pictures of our adventures...

The boys didn't wear their "cowboy" duds to the rodeo, but here they ae dressed up for their rodeo day at school.

At this rodeo they had an entire area just for families. They had this whole area of huge, themed, inflatable slides. Batman and Nemo were a hit. I loved watching the boys maneuver their way around together. When they go anywhere together they stick close to one another and play really well together. I pray they always stay best friends!

The rodeo had the coolest petting zoo that I have ever seen. And that's saying a lot because we have been to many petting zoo's. They had the most amazing animals, from deer to wallabies (kangaroo!!!), that were all so docile with the kids. Seriously, it was so cool to see the wallaby hopping around all over the place. And they had 2 tents of animals to pet and feed. Caleb was mesmerized! Afterall, this is the kid that is obsessed with Animal Planet!

They also had a bird exhibit that Caleb was thrilled with. Caleb loves birds and they had hawks and eagles on stands that were so still they looked fake. This one bird pictured with Caleb is a hawk (I think that what Caleb told me!) and it was so gross. It had a dead rat that it was just holding - not eating, holding! If you know me, you know I have a serious aversion to mice, rats and rodents of all kinds. It was repulsive, but as you can see from Caleb's face he found it fascinating!

How amazing is this? A bald eagle! It looks fake, but it was real. I like how on the picture in the left it is looking at the flag. Very cool!

This is what my sweet girls did the whole time we were there. Sat sweetly for a while, had a bottle and cried at any male that tried to talk to them. Sometimes they attract a lot of attention when we go out and other times they don't really get noticed. For soem reason at the rodeo, they attracted a lot of attention. Luke was content to ride at the front of the stroller and do what he does best...SNACK!

Here is cowboy Caleb hooking rings around his steer. He got his first one on his first try! He was intrigued with the cowboys and their lasso's. When we got home he tried to lasso me with Titan's leash. The metal clip of the leash doesn't feel so good when you get hit with it!

It was a great family day and we all had a blast! This rodeo was so cool! We saw, tasted, ate and conquered all before the crowds got ridiculous!

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Sincerely Anna said...

We would have loved to go to this! I remember one of the girls on my hall at Baylor getting ready for the Rodeo in Houston. She was so excited and I could not understand that. The closest I've ever come to the rodeo is a night at Billy Bob's so you see why I don't really understand it :)