Friday, February 15, 2008

Men of little words!

We went to open gym today, at a gymnasium close to our house, with some friends and the kids had a blast! Often our playgroups are with kids Luke's age and younger and Caleb never really has anyone his age to play with. In some ways that has been good because it means that he plays with Luke and their brother bond gets stronger. I do feel sorry for him at times, though, because he does need kids his age to hang around with. It's just hard to find kids that both he and I like and are a good example for him to hang around.

Today he got a special treat and a new friend of his got to come with us. This friend is his age, comes from a home school family and - the best part is - this little boy is being raised by parents who love Jesus and teach him about Jesus. Caleb and his friend had so much fun playing together and this child was so easy to have around. While we were driving to the gym, the following is a conversation that I heard in the backseat:

Austin (Caleb's friend): I'm a Christian...are you a Christian?
Caleb: Yeah, I'm a Christian. I love God.
Austin: Yeah, so do I.

And then they moved on to fire truck sirens. Now if that isn't an example of men sharing their faith, I don't know what is?!?

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