Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our 9 month old sistas!

It's that time again! My girls turn 9 months old today! And as I say every month, I can't believe it...they are growing up way too fast! We are all having so much fun with these little girlies! Here is the latest on their little lives:

  • They are STILL sleeping in the same crib. I know, last month I said that this would be the last month, but I just can't seem to split them up. They aren't hurting each other and lately, when we go in after nap, they are right next to one another. They have been sleeping together for 9 months now and I'm afraid that they will be lonely when we split them up. This may be the last month though...
  • The little girlies are just that - little! I haven't had them weighed in the last couple of weeks, but when we went in, when they were sick, they didn't even weigh 14 pounds! We will go in this month for a check up to make sure that they are okay. They are thin, but long. Boy, I wish someone could say that about me!
  • They are very ticklish...especially Ella.
  • They are both completely smitten with Caleb. When they hear his voice they immediately turn to find him and once they see him they break out into the biggest grins! And Caleb is definitely in love with them. He calls them "princesses". Is that the cutest?! Luke asks if can take them to nap with him. That thought is frightening!
  • They aren't crawling yet. This makes me sad, but Joseph is just fine with that. I think the idea of chasing the two of them around (while chasing down Luke and Caleb) is enough to make him very nervous! And he's not the nervous type!
  • Their personalities are really starting to come through...and they are VERY different. Lily is more fragile, doesn't like strangers, won't let anyone she doesn't know hold her, cries when strangers try to talk to her, eats very danitily, babbles in a high pitch voice, sucks her thumb and giggles. Ella babbles in a low, growling voice, yells at strangers, eats like...well, you've seen pictures of that, will let anyone hold her, sucks 2 of her fingers backwards and belly laughs. They are pretty opposite!
  • Ella is looking more like Luke and Lily looks more like Caleb.
  • They sleep 12 hours at night and take 2 - 2 and a half hours naps. They are still cat-napping right before dinner for an hour.
  • I am still nursing them, but this may be my last month. They wiggle around, are easily distracted and are getting harder to nurse. I'm, shockingly enough, actually really sad that this may be it!
  • They love to be outside and love to take rides in the car and their stroller. That's good because they are in both very often!
  • Neither like to be on their stomachs. Lily will rollover immediately and Ella flops around and complains.
  • They aren't interested in drinking out of a cup much at all. I'd really like them to drink out of a cup before I quit nursing them.
  • They are actually pretty good eaters. I'm just not sure where they put all the food! Green foods are still not their favorite, but they will eat them if camoflauged with carrots.

I was cleaning out my email inbox and ran across an email that I wrote to my close friends the night that we found out we were pregnant with twins. Re-reading that email brought tears to my eyes. I sounded so overwhelmed, tired and sick. And I was. And now I can't even begin to imagine how different life would be without my baby girls. They complete our little family. We are all in love with them and feel so blessed to have them in our lives!


Anonymous said...

Gordon went to your sight on his own today and he said, he just wanted to see any new pictures of the girls, and sure enough he said," Those girls are so cute!" He has become a silent reader of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so cute! We have boy girl twins who will be 5 in a few weeks. I cannot believe they will be five!!! Our girl was (is still) the shy one and our boy has never met a stranger. He befriends everyone. It is so good for you that they are sleeping so well. Everything is much better at home when mommy can sleep. I nursed mine until they were 18 months. Once I got to 9 months or so, I did not want to stop until they could have whole milk. I was too cheap and lazy to buy formula and to clean bottles and bottle parts. They went to milk in sippy cups after their 1 year birthday. It took a few months to wean them because every time I dropped a feeding I got mastitis. Again, very cute girls!